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Why brown nose when you don't have to? You can keep your boss happy without being a kiss-up. Follow these simple steps and you'll win your boss over every time.


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    Find out what is important to your boss and make it important to you. If your boss is fanatic when it comes to deadlines, then do your best to get everything in ahead of schedule.
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    Make note of anything that you and your boss have in common. From non-work related points of interest like pets, golf and ,jogging, to professional ideals. In general conversation, find an opportunity to make your boss aware of your similar interest.
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    Agree with your boss, more often than not, without compromising your own values. This way, when the two of you do disagree or if you need to challenge your boss' assumptions, won't view it as "disagreeing" but rather, a "different outlook."
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    Look for opportunities to "make something happen". For example, there are always projects and assignments that others don't have "time" to do. Find one that you can do and volunteer to do it! Your boss will appreciate it and remember it in the future.
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    Do not throw the racial or the gender card when your boss picks on you for not doing what you were told to do.
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    Be as supportive as you can in controversial situations, even if you really don't like your boss' behavior. This puts you in a position to be honest with your boss without seeming confrontational.
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    Respect your boss' time; do not stand at his or her desk chattering away when clearly they are busy.
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    Make your boss look good. Realize that their success is your success.
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    Help your boss. Every boss has that one project that they never have time for and it stresses them out. This is where you come in. Find out what project it is and complete on your spare time, such as a day off. Since your boss hadn’t completed it, it is probably a somewhat insignificant project so it won’t take much time for you to complete it and your boss will love you for doing that.


  • Don't be overly vocal when you disagree with something your boss has done. It will get back to your boss.
  • Don't be afraid to share your ideas with your boss, especially if they can help increase productivity or make someone's job easier. Many times a good idea can add to your boss' positive impression of you, thereby leading them to believe they are doing a good job themselves.
  • Watch for the favours you ask off your boss. Constantly asking to leave early or calling in sick constantly over little things starts to look like you're taking advantage of them.
  • Communicate with your boss as often as possible


  • Don't overdo it. There's a thin line between keeping your boss happy and becoming the office "Brown Noser"!

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