How to Keep Xbox Friends for a Long Time Through Blind Loyalty

Most of all the nice kids have been the victims of people taking your friends or trying to turn them against you. Some people may even feel used or betrayed after a friend leaves them for someone else. This following article will help you keep a group of loyal followers to play with you and not to leave until a while after. Some may even stay for years, but most Xbox live friendships last about 6 months at best. This is how to build a dictatorship over Xbox live and if done correctly may create a great group with unlimited power for you. You will be there Overlord and command them, but whilst growing a few friendships along the way.


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    Go on match making or online matches to find a new friend. By doing this you are finding a friend who does not know any of you old friends and therefore cannot leave to join them. Make sure you play with them nearly every day and become best friends with them. Its the first friends that matter most! When Picking Make sure you only pick the nice and fun to play with. If they are rowdy or vulgar then your new followers may not want to stick around afterwards.
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    When you make a friend, introduce them into your group over time. Do not introduce them to anyone you think may run away with your friend. If you make a mistake and they steal your friend then it may be best to just remove them. This will stop the friend stealer from taking any new friends you may find in the future.
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    Keep your group together. Do not tolerate anyone leaving you out of games or parties. This may lead to ditching and must be stamped out before it can happen.
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    You then increase your numbers steadily. Remember that for every friend that leaves Xbox, gets removed or kicked from the group must be replaced. If this is not done it may be hard to get your group back on its feet. A healthy group size is about 8-15 people. Any less and they may not be online when you are. Any more and the group will not be able to fit all in the same games and parties. Most friends won't be online at the same time so having over the allowed amount in a party is not a problem.


  • Don't fall for the same person more than four times. If someone refuses to do what you ask or friend steals again and again. They will learn they will get forgiven and carry on without changing. Don't give them a lot of chances.
  • Don't leave a friend outside the group if they are nice and don't do anything wrong. People on Xbox with those traits are hard to come by, as everyone is bullied mostly by others and therefore bullies to ensure they are not bullied.
  • People who are young and dumb as less likely to question your authority and over time will not know how it was like with new friends. They will become slaves of habit and stay even when they may be swore at by you. If you teach them how to act and react to certain things. They will do fine.
  • Avoid player any people who you don't like or have kicked out of the group by removing. This will decrease your chances in finding them or adding them if they change there name.
  • Make sure you give them good ways to benefit. Some people may get bored and leave for new friends if you do not have anything different that the other people don't have to offer. Good Custom/Private matches, Blindly sticking up for your friends when they are in trouble or just a friendly person who listens to their problems. If they like what you have to offer. They will not leave you.
  • Make sure you play games they have. If you lack a game, which is popular with your group then you need to buy it or you might get left behind.
  • After a while all the friends that are loyal and blindly follow what you say will remain in the group and all the free thinking and people that do not fit your needs are removed you will only have a group how you intended. Due to the early kicking out of threats you will most likely never meet them again, which is a nice bonus.
  • If you must lie, manipulate and bully those who threaten your leadership make sure other group members have your back. If you start a fight with someone higher in the hierarchy than you it may be a bad mistake. Learn to make friends with the people you don't like and then quickly kick them out when they fall out with a large number of friends.
  • When removing friend stealers it is best to get all of your friends to do the same. Anyone who does not does not show loyalty and therefore must be removed as well. Remember the first friends? That's where they come in handy. People are less likely to disobey if they can lose contact with more than one friend they like.


  • Though you may not need to it would be best to stick up for any friends your fond of. If you don't they will not trust you, as they will believe you are not loyal to them. After all. Why stay if they do not benefit?
  • The younger the kid the more likely they'll leave you. A lot of 8-11 year olds use you and ditch you for other friends, but this makes them only temporary. Use them and abuse them lol.
  • Make sure you don't make too many enemies at one time or they may gang up and challenge your authority.
  • Doing this will most likely not get you a good rep.
  • By kicking out the people you don't like your keeping only the selected people. If you pick to ignore the idiots or people who may challenge you in future and give them enough time to bond with all your friends you may never get rid or them.

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