How to Keep Track of Socks

If you have problems keeping socks in pairs when washing them, here are some steps to avoid this.


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    Make sure both pairs of socks go into the wash together so they come out together again.
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    Clip them together when putting them in the hamper or washing machine (try a Wizzpeg or a safety pin, or fold them inside one another.)
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    Put a spare peg next to each sock as you hang them on the line, as you find the mates use the spare peg to hang them next to each other.
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    Check the washing machine, around the washing machine and the ground around the clothesline to find any missing mates if there are any socks left over when you get to the end.


  • Buy pairs of the same socks. For example: four pairs of blue socks, four pairs of brown socks, four pairs of black socks, or twelve pair of white socks, all exactly the same. This makes is very simple to pair the socks up at the end of laundry day. It also reduces the risk of loss and damage.
  • Make sure to keep socks in a easy place to remember.
  • Keep matching socks together.

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