How to Keep Snacks Fresh

Keeping half-eaten snacks fresh is important. You don't want to waste a good snack and you certainly don't want it going soggy, smelly or rancid. Here are a few ways to keep your snacks fresh.


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    Purchase a plastic clip. The clips are usually found in the kitchen gadgets aisle at discount stores. Purchase the type with an attached magnet as they are easy to store on the refrigerator. When needed, just grab a clip off the frig, fold down the sack of chips, and attach.
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    Use a plastic clothespin. Again, fold down the bag of chips or cookies and clip to seal.
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    Tape the bag. If there are no clips and the bag is not self-sealing, tape it down.
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    Use a rubber band. These things can close almost anything. Roll the bag down a few times and add the attach the rubber band securely to keep the roll in place.
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    Refrigerate. If the product instructions tell you to refrigerate, do so. This will prevent mold growth and the possibility of dangerous bacterial infiltration.
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    Store perishable items and use by the use by date. Call the food manufacturer, if uncertain about how long to store perishable items.
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    Purchase plastic storage containers. Some of the old-fashioned favorite include Tupperware or Rubbermaid. These containers are durable and will last a long time.
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    Purchase disposable or throw-away plastic containers. These are handy as they can also be used to send snacks to school in lunch boxes. They fit and if they don't make it home the financial loss is minimal.
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    Use quart size canning jars for storage. These make inexpensive and attractive storage containers, especially if the kitchen has a country theme.


  • Follow storage guidelines found on the snack packages.
  • To crisp stale crackers heat them gently in the oven until warmed. I'm sure you could do the same with potato chips.
  • Eat snacks before their use by date.


  • Read the labels and don't eat food that is out of date.

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