How to Keep Old Friendships and Also Make New Ones

Maybe you've just changed schools. Maybe you've moved to a different part of town. Either way, you want to stay in touch with your old friends while still making new ones. How do you do it? This article will teach you in a few simple steps.


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    Try to call the old friends often. Phone calls are an easy way to stay in touch. You might even do a conference call with your new friends and your old friends, so that you can stay friends with both, and they can both talk to each other. If phone calls seem awkward, you can always chat with the friends by setting up an AIM or another Instant Messaging account. Most of these programs have a group chat function that you could use to introduce your friends.
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    If there's one day a week when neither of you have something planned, hang out. You can invite your new friends to hang out too, that way you can be with all of them, and not have to choose between one. Your friends could even become friends, and then you could all be close!
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    Try to start a club together, like a book club. This club could meet often, and include multiple people. You could invite your new friends and your old friends. Doing this would make it easier to hang out with everyone. You could also get into deep discussions about your favorite books, and get to know each other better.
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    If you feel like there's conflict between the two friendships, or that both of them hanging out together won't work, arrange two separate times to hang out with both. If you can't do it twice in one week, do it separate weeks. It doesn't matter, as long as you get to be with both.
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    If both groups of friends share a common interest, you should arrange to hang out with both of them at a place that fits that interest. e.x. If they both like books you could hang out at the library. If they both like James Bond you could all watch multiple James Bond movies together.
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    Try not to complain about your old friends to the new ones, it may give your new friend bad impression about your old friends and should your old friends get to know, their relationship with you will change.
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    Don not select favorites among your friends. That may lead to competition for your attention, it may also cause jealousy between them. If your friends fight it will affect you because each will want you to take sides with him or her.
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    Finally be objective in all issues and discussions with your old and new friends. Don't try to take sides when they argue.


  • If it seems like it's too much to keep in touch with both friends, it might be a good idea to end the relationship with your old friends. Try to break the news to the friends gently. Say something along the lines of "I really liked being friends with you, but it's just too hard to stay in touch now. Maybe we'll see each other around."
  • Don not speak evil about your old friends to new ones and vice-versa.
  • Don't also force yourself to keep a friend who doesn't want you anymore, have little bit of pride.

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