How to Keep in Touch with a Friend

Are you currently working to drop "the World's Worst Correspondent title for good?" Here are a few tips that may help.


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    Text. A quick text means, "my phone is working; I'm alive, and I have not lost my fingers."
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    Email or chat online. This is a great way to stay in touch. Use instant messengers such as gChat. This, too, shows that you are alive, and have not lost your fingers in some freak accident.
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    Call. Pick up that phone, and call when you can. It doesn't have to be a long phone call. In fact, on occasion, long phone calls can be annoying. Just a quick call can get you caught up. He/she is probably interested to hear about what you're up to (or have been up to), too!
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    Write letters. It's fun to get mail that's not a $500 oil bill or eviction notice. Letters can be a great way to let your pal know what's going on with you. It's easy! Don't be afraid of being boring. Finish your letter off with smiley faces, spilled beer, drawings, x's and o's, pieces of food, dog footprints - whatever seems suitable.
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    Send ready-made cards. It's a non-time-consuming way to let your buddy know you're thinking about them. Pick something that you think will make him or her laugh. Then, add a quick message, just sign your name, and send it off!
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    Send gifts and/or trash. Books, magnets, bookmarks, your old junk mail, student work you don't want to keep - anything goes! Sometimes the littlest things can show that you're a living and breathing human.
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    Telegram. This can be original or singing. While this could be taking it a bit too far, you may get quite a giggle.


  • Let your friend know you welcome all contact. Sometimes, friends shy away from calling - they don't want to "bug you," or they think they need a "reason" to call and catch up, or to reach out to you. By making sure your voice is welcoming, or that you respond as soon as possible to emails, etc., you will let them know they don't need any reason to make contact; they can call just to talk, and you'll be glad to hear from them.
  • Make a conscious effort. Put your friends on your weekly "to do" list. Set aside time, and make a quick call to those who are important to you.
  • Make plans to see each other regularly...if you know you're going to hang out soon, you'll keep in touch.


  • If the intent is to ignore, then that needs to be made clear.
  • There may be times when things just don't seem the same as they used to in a friendship. If you can, arrange to meet in person whenever possible. It'll refresh your friendship.
  • Never neglect old friends because you may like new friends more. If you abandon one group for another, you may soon find yourself without any friends at all.

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  • greeting cards. Many are available for as little as 99 cents.
  • Pen or Pencil

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