How to Keep From Being Followed

Two Methods:On FootIn a Car

If you feel like someone is looking at you through a window, or that same person in that coat is waiting for you at the bus stop everyday, you can lose him with these tricks and tips.

Method 1
On Foot

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    If you think that you are being followed, occasionally stop as you walk around- maybe to tie a shoelace, look for something in your pocket, or admire something in a store window, etc. Casually scan people behind you, possibly on the other side of the road-and make a rough note of anyone within distance, especially things such as height, color of clothes, type of coat, etc.; also look for anyone you recognize from earlier. Stop again after a few hundred meters and take a look around, is anyone there?
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    If there is, continue walking. Use your ingenuity. Stop and look in store windows, or pause to admire a shiny car or van (Choose Dark Colored ones, because you can see the reflection of anyone behind you. Or pull out a comb and peer into the side mirror of a parked car or motorbike, as though about to comb your hair-is there someone that you recognize their reflection?
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    Once that you are certain that you are being followed, make a note of what the person looks like. At the same time, make a plan for losing him or her.
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    When you are out of sight, quickly change your clothes, or stash accessories in your clothes. If you have a blue cap on, stuff it in your coat pocket; if you have sunglasses on, put them away.
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    Speed up. Do this not by quickening your pace, but by lengthening your strides. If your pace is 1 foot (0.3 m) long, and you lengthen it to 16 inches (40.6 cm), in 100 yards (91.4 m) you will have traveled an extra 33 13 yards (30.5 m).
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    Try to shake off the tail. Enter a large shop and immediately leave by another exit; go down a narrow alley and, while out of sight, sprint around a corner and double up your tracks. As a last resort, hide. Wait until you're out of your tail's sight. The moment you are, duck into a deep doorway crouch behind a parked car - in short, anywhere that he or she will hurry past hoping to catch up with you again. Remember, that your tail, in his/her state of mind, will probably miss something right under his/her nose.
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    If you feel you are REALLY in danger, contact the police or an adult.

Method 2
In a Car

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    Try to figure out if they are actually tailing you. A good way to do this is to drive in a circle around a city block and seeing if they stay behind you the entire way. If they do, you're being followed.
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    If you are being followed, don't try to run away from them, as you will most likely put innocents at risk, and possibly attract other unwanted attention (the police, specifically). Instead, drive like an idiot, randomly signaling for left turns and taking rights and vice versa, perhaps even going straight on occasion. Eventually they'll screw up and be off your tail.
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    Hide until you're sure you've lost them, perhaps even hiding your car in one area and heading to another area. This will keep them unaware of your location.


  • Don't confront a tail. The tail is sure to be larger than you and may be armed, and, as such, it's possible that you can get seriously injured or killed. It's far better to get away as soon as possible.

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