How to Keep Dust Out of The Computer

Dust buildup in and on your computer can become detrimental to your computer's overall performance and behavior. When dust collects on a computer's exterior, and starts to build up on several interior parts, the vents to your power supply and fans can become clogged, which can lead to overheating. There are several preventive maintenance steps you can perform on a routine basis to keep dust out of your computer, which can prolong its overall lifespan and functionality. Use this article as your guide to maintaining your computer and keeping it free of dust.


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    Keep your computer elevated and off the floor. When your computer sits on the floor, it is often more susceptible to collecting dust bunnies, and dust that is generated from foot traffic and carpet.
    • Place the computer on your desk either underneath your computer monitor, next to your computer monitor, or on a shelf in your computer desk that is well-ventilated.
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    Store your computer away from cooling or heating air vents. If the air vents in your home or office are not cleaned regularly, they can release dust into your computer if they are nearby.
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    Clean the area around your computer on a routine basis. Dust from surrounding elements can enter your computer if the area is not kept clean. Examples of elements that can generate dust are plants, pets, cigarette smoke, and factory byproducts such as sand or wood particles.
    • Vacuum and dust your computer desk and its surrounding area as needed. The frequency at which you should clean depends on the elements your computer is exposed to.
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    Use compressed air to dust the inside of your computer regularly. Many retailers sell cans of compressed air designed specifically for use with electronics, computers, and motherboards.
    • Power off your computer, then unplug it from any electrical outlets.
    • Allow your computer to sit and cool down for at least 30 minutes before using the compressed air to remove any dust particles. This will prevent any computer chips and other parts from becoming damaged as a result of the temperature change from hot to cold when the compressed air is applied.
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    Keep all food and drinks away from your computer. Food particles that enter your keyboard and other internal parts of your computer can attract and increase the amount of dust.
    • Keep your computer or laptop out of the kitchen even if food and drinks are not nearby. Grease and other cooking matter released into the air can still enter your computer and cause dust to collect.
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    Wash your hands thoroughly before using your computer. Dust and other matter from dirty hands can enter your computer and build up over a period of time.


  • Never let your pets near your computer. Pets, especially those with long hair and dander, can significantly increase the amount of dust and hair that enters your computer.
  • Never blow air from your mouth directly into your computer to remove dust. The force of air from your mouth is often not strong enough to clear out dust like a can of compressed air, and can result in making room for additional dust to build up.

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