How to Keep Christ in Christmas

Christmas is truly about the virgin birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, but many people seem to have forgotten. In reaction, some people want to discard the Christmas tree, presents, and Santa Claus traditions and only go to church and pray. This article is for those people that want to keep Christ the focus of Christmas while still enjoying the cultural traditions.


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    Go to Church! Don't just go to Church but really take to heart the message of salvation that Jesus offered you. Remind yourself that you have been forgiven because he chose to die on the cross for all of our sins. Also, remember the message of the virgin Mary and Christ's miraculous birth. Keep in mind that the word "Christmas" comes from the words "Christ's Mass." Attend Mass, or the services at church.
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    Limit the gifts and presents. Don't eliminate them altogether, but make them special -- yet simple -- and don't give more than three per child. Jesus received his three gifts from the three wise men: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. We can keep our gift-giving less materialistic and more symbolic of what occurred on the first Christmas.
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    Remind your family of the facts before you put up a Christmas tree. Much like the Easter bunny, Easter eggs, and even the word "Easter" itself -- it is another Christian tradition that was originally pagan (not about Christ).
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    Say grace before Christmas dinner. Thank God for bringing your family together on this occasion, for the food, and for all the blessing's you've received.
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    Explain to your children the story of Christmas, of course, in a Christian way! Read a Bible account of Christmas to the family after all the festivities are over (chapters 1 and 2 of Matthew is a good place to start). It will be a closing word to explain the actual meaning behind the celebration that happens on Christmas.


  • If you are very religious, don't stop your children from engaging in school activities that pertain to the myths and false stories of Christmas, like Santa Claus or reindeer. Instead, explain to them why it is false and answer their questions. Being too uptight about keeping "cultural Christmas" out of their worlds, when it is so widespread in our culture, will make them resent living a righteous life since they feel excluded from their peers' fun.

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