How to Keep Bugs and Animals Off Your Plants

Having insects or animals eat your plants is a big problem in gardening. Luckily, there are a few tips for keeping them off your garden.


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    Scare the rabbits away. Rabbits cause a problem when it comes to plants such as lettuce, carrots, or potatoes. It's a good thing that rabbits hate garlic. Before dusk, lay a few garlic cloves around your plants and they will not go near them.
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    Get rid of slugs. Slugs are another thing gardeners hate. Slugs love to eat leafs and stems off plants.Though, there are two things slugs really love: beer and salt.
    • Fill a little bowl up with beer.
    • Place this bowl next to any plant. All the slug will want to do is go to the beer, not your plants.
    • Place a ring of salt around the plant. Slugs die almost suddenly when they come to contact with salt.
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    Remember that little bugs are the worst when its comes to plants. To keep them away:
    • Make a small spray to warn them off. All you need is a spray bottle, dish soap, and water.
    • Mix the soap and water together. Pour it into the bottle.
    • Spray it on the parts of the plants you don't want to get eaten. These parts can be leafs and stems.
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    Beware of dogs and cats. Though they seem nice, they still like to dig up plants and use it as a litter box. To keep them from doing this, spread some black pepper or cayenne pepper by your plants. Cats and dogs hate the smell of the pepper so they won't go anywhere near the plants.


  • Make sure some of the items listed do not touch your plant that you will eat. It might harm you, not the pests.

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