How to Keep an Interesting Notebook

Has Diary of a Wimpy kid inspired you to keep a notebook? Are you getting ready to start school and you want your notebook to be nice to look at? Did you just want a notebook and now you don't know what to do with it? If you answered yes to any of those questions keep on reading.


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    Pick a notebook out. This may seem like this simplest thing, but it's not. Choosing a notebook means to find one you can live with and write with everyday and still loving the cover. Just don't go out and buy a spiral notebook. Find a leather or hard cover notebook. Those come in small forms and can stand wear and tear.
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    Find a pen or pencil. You could use crayons, pens, pencils, markers,or colored pencils for your book. Find something that make you comfy. Don't go buy it for it's looks.
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    Write/Draw/Doodle. You've got the pencil and the book, but now what to do? Start by opening your notebook and taking your pencil. Start doodling or anything you want. It's your notebook.
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    Glue in items that correspond with what you've written, almost like a scrapbook. For example, if your entry is about your day at the circus, then glue in a ticket stub.
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    Don't just write about your day. Add in questions, lyrics, thoughts, musings, poems, etc. Assuming that you have a really good place to hide your diary, write whatever you like. Not many people can find a place where they can say whatever they want.
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    Keep your notebooks safe. When you're famous you'll be wanting to go spend cash, not tell people about your life! Plus when you're old, you'll want to see what you were doing a few years earlier. You could get inspired by yourself by one of your notebooks!
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    Keep buying notebooks and filling them in. Notebooks only cost $1.00 or $2.00. If you go to a back-to-school sale you can find notebooks for 25 cents and more art supplies cheaper.


  • Keep your notebook organized if your book is important.
  • If your notebook is for who-knows-what keep it messy and don't care if your pen makes stray marks. Change the stray marks into drawings why not?


  • People can find your book and take it and read it. So make sure it's not got no really hurtful stuff in it.
  • If your book contains secrets you don't want others to say, when you're done with writing the book and done with your writing for the day store it somewhere secret where no one can find it.

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