How to Keep an Apple from Turning Brown After Being Cut Up

Don't you just hate it when you cut open a juicy fresh apple and you leave and come back 10 minutes later and its gone all brown? Well, now you will always have fresh fruity apples after these simple steps.


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  1. Image titled Cut open your apple Step 1
    Cut open your apple, that may be in small slices or halves.
  2. Image titled Slice up half lemon Step 2
    Slice up half a lemon using a clean knife.
  3. Image titled Squueze the pulp juice out Step 3
    Squeeze the pulp/juice out of it. This may be using a lemon squeezer or your hands.
  4. Image titled Fresh lemon juice into a bowl Step 4
    Empty the fresh lemon juice into a cup or a bowl.
  5. Image titled Take a teaspon Step 5
    Take a small pipette if you have one. Otherwise a teaspoon will do.
  6. Image titled Sprinkle little droplets Step 6
    Sprinkle little droplets of lemon juice all evenly over your apple slices.
  7. Image titled Put you apple slices in a container Step 7
    Put your apple slices onto a plate or in a container to save for later. You now have fresh apple slices which won't turn brown before you have the chance to eat them!


  • Half of a lemon will do depending on how many apples you are planning to prepare.
  • Fresh lemons from your garden always work much better, why not grow a lemon tree as well?


  • be careful using the knife!

Things You'll Need

  • A knife
  • A pipette or teaspoon
  • A bowl/glass
  • optional: juicer

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