How to Keep a Horse Training Journal

Keeping track of your horse's progress is very important, especially if you are training and would like to see progression. If you are not sure how to make a journal and keep track of your horse's progress, continue reading.


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    Buy a notebook. Any kind is fine, but make sure it is one that is sturdy, and one you can take to the barn with you.
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    Write down everything related to your horse. When you go to train, make sure you write down even the little details that you notice. You can't rely on your memory. Keeping track of these kinds of things will really come in handy. You want to write down things such as:
    • How your horse reacted when you did a certain thing.
    • What your horse prefers when training.
    • Why did your horse react the way he did.
    • Things you can do differently the next session.
    • Whether or not you should move your horse onto the next step in the training.
    • What your horse spooked at and why, and what finally got him under control.
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    Write out what you did in your training session.
    • For example: When you are round penning, and you ask your horse to switch directions, write down how you moved when your horse successfully move the direction you wanted- That way, next time you round pen, you will know how to move to get the results you want.
    • It's best to know what you are going to train for, and how, before you even arrive at the barn, that way you don't get confused, or forget. Writing down what you plan on doing, and what you actually did can help a lot.
    • When you go home later, compare and contrast what you planned on doing, and what you actually did. If you planned on doing, lunging, and round penning, but couldn't even get past lunging because your horse was having trouble- you now know you need to work on lunging.
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    You can keep pictures, also. If you are making your journal online, or on a blog, you can even add videos to your journal.
    • Taking videos of your training, and riding, is a very good way to learn. Since you can't see your self as you are working with your horse, it helps to record your self so you can watch it later and decide what you need to improve, and work on.
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    Use your journal to train better, and improve. If you know your horse spooks when you use a long whip, and you write this down, you will know in the future not to use a long whip.


  • Look up examples of horse training journals if you need extra help.
  • Make sure your journal is organized, and readable.

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