How to Keep a Dream Alive

"Dreams do not happen when you're asleep. They happen when you're awake."

Whatever your goals are, always remember you can make it true. Whether it be love, money, a childhood dream, and ultimately happiness, the most important idea is that you must never lose sight of your dream.


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    Articulate your dream again. (If you have not already made a plan for it, read How to Make Your Dreams Come True). Forget about your plan, or how much effort has already been put into it. What exactly is it that you want? Is it a general idea, like knowledge, or is it something specific, such as making a candy shop? Understand what you want, otherwise you may realize you don't want this dream, or even worse, realize you don't want it after you've succeeded in making it true.
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    Create reminders. Think about your original motivation often. Besides obvious factors that will come along when your dream is realized, think about other reasons. Who are you doing this dream for? Remind yourself often of your plan. Physical symbols always help - posting up pictures of the end result, buying items that symbolize your goals.
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    Express your dream frequently. Whisper your dream through moonlight. Shout it on a busy highway. Write it on a balloon and set it free. Write it on paper boats and float them in the ocean. Write it as a message on a bottle and float that into the ocean. Explore and try different ways of different cultures of making wishes come true, small or big: paper cranes, shooting stars, 11:11. Tell your pet if you have one. Tell it to all the people you care about in your life.
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    Create deadlines and punishments. For every step along the way, think of a realistic deadline. If too small, eventually you will be crashed with all the work you need and possibly never do it. If too large, you will probably forget about it. Punishments are necessary. They can be keeping yourself away from your favorite activities: depriving yourself of sex is always a good option! Get a friend or family member to enforce this punishment.
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    Keep your life. Do not forget about friends, family, work, and especially yourself! Keep contact with friends and family: over the internet, visit them, write to them. Try not start skipping work to work on your dream. Keep your brain, body, and soul in good shape at all times. Sleep often, read often, and enjoy life.
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    Do not overlook life's small joys while searching for the big ones. Look at the sky often. Think about memories. Take some time off to travel, take a picnic, enjoy some hobbies. Help, give, care about other people. Eat delicious things, go to concerts, literally smell the roses. Always consider: are you happy?
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    Brainstorm ideas for your dream. Mind mapping (essentially creative concept mapping) is the ideal way to brainstorm. Any creative outlet will do just fine to find some creative ideas for your dream, especially writing or drawing. Any sort of art, even singing, playing music, photography, wood-carving can work. Buy a journal or two. Find inspiration.
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    Be inspired. Read, read, read about anything and everything about your dream. Aim to take a trip to your library every week. Go to events pertaining to your dream. Talk to people who have accomplished your dream. Watch thought-provoking shows or movies (Code Geass is highly recommended). Find new ways of looking at the world. If your dream is creating a place, go to existing places and note its positive and negative attributes.


  • Being stressed out is never a good excuse to take a break from your dream. At the same time, accomplishing your dream is important, but make sure you live like a human being at the same time!

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