How to Keep a Diary or Journal (for Teenagers)

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Do you want to keep a journal but don't know where to start?

It's a good idea to keep a journal, because when years have passed, you will find it interesting to read what you have gone through, and if you have been through something unusual or difficult, you might even choose to publish parts of the book. It's also nice to get your feelings out, and written down, as it helps you understand yourself better. This article is to you who want to Keep a Diary or a Journal!

Read on and find out how.

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Keeping Your Own Diary or Journal

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    Buy a diary or journal. This is only necessary if you don't have one already. If you want to keep a journal, buy a nice looking journal or you can even use a spiral notebook. Try book stores and regular grocery stores in the section with books or school supplies for the spiral notebooks. Consider how you are going to decorate the book when you are buying it. Also consider the size, shape and colors.
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    Decorate the outside. Do this to your liking. It should reflect your personality! Draw something, write your name and/or write "My Diary/Journal". Decorate with stickers or similar, and you can even spray perfume on to give it a special scent.
    • On the first page, you should write something, if you lose or forget the diary somewhere, to notify those who find it that it is yours, to please return it to you, and to ask them kindly to not go snooping in your private journal. Write down your: Name, E-Mail, and Telephone number but never your address.
    • On the first page, you can also write down a little about you, like: Age, interest, favorite food, color, music, TV show, and friend. This will remind you in the future of how you were like.
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    Remember to write. Write regularly in your Journal or Diary - this does not have to be every day. When something different or exciting happens, write it down. If you feel too tired to write, remember to do so the next day. It's the special days and feelings that counts the most.
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    Take care of it. Keep the diary/journal at hand most of the day so you won't forget it at home, school, the park etc. Have it in your bag or similar, and remember a pen, so you can write if you get bored. It's also very good to write down ideas, poems, lyrics or drawings. Having your book on you will make your creativity grow, and keep boredom from taking over your day.
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    Know the idea of a diary or journal. The idea of a Diary/Journal is fairly simple: Write down whatever you want! What happened today, how you feel, ideas, poems, short stories, anything. It's yours! Diaries can be useful to let out your anger, also. You can also use a journal to take down useful notations about some of your interest, like what animals you have seen, where, what time, and in what condition. Doing this often will give you a chance to overlook a situation, which can be useful.
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    Be careful where you place your diary. In or under your pillowcase, in your desk, anywhere you feel it is safe. Nosy or curious friends/family might want to take a look at your diary, and it's advised not putting it anywhere they might find it.

Things You'll Need

  • Diary or Journal
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Decorative items to cover the front (Optional)

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