How to Keep a Commentary Record of Events

Ones personal life is more than work, play, love, faith, hopes and beliefs "everyday, or daily life" -- but it includes broader plans, goals, and progress with your: friends, and family -- and your personal news and views about life.

These comments and records will cover everyday historic events involving your: personal, home, street, community, school, work -- and your town, city, state, nation and global events. You can have a record of what happened to look back: years and decades later your will find them very interesting, disappointing, happy or amusing.


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    Use a special notebook as a journal of your life for planning and a record of life -- a history.

    Keep some photos in your journal similar to a narrative scrapbook, or a special kind of journal, similar to a diary.
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    Write for your specific purpose as your own take on what is happening in any area of interest -- your commentary. Some people write only their family's and friends' information in it, or just things from ones own experiences, faith and beliefs including goals, religion, prayers, ideas about politics, school, college, university, job changes, work, promotions and career(s).
    • Focus on your goals, ideals and understandings of changes -- not just special events but life experiences.

      Update your resume using this as your work history to help when recalling your training education, and career.

      Include little things and big events, or that you might forget down the road, but when added together can, at the very least, add up to a significant look back at your life and the changing times.

      Include daily journal entries as a way of keeping track of what you do, plan, think and what happens in your life -- and how you feel about that.
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    Dedicate a notebook/journal to this purpose only. It might be a good idea to have a distinctive look so that it stands out to you and makes it easy to find.
    • Alternatively use an iPhone, Blackberry, or other PDA and you can keep it on a note-taking application.
    • Or, keep your notebook in the computer, but the computer isn't always handy. Write in your notebook and put it on the computer when you can. If you do enter your notebook in the computer, it becomes very easy to edit and to search for specific parts.
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    Check into keeping a private blog. Private so that it can only be viewed by you. That way, no matter where you are, you can access it online. Go to your favorite search engine and do a search for "free personal blog" or something similar.
    • Be sure that it will allow you to make it totally private!
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    Beware; keep your private book or notebook journal at home: on your home desk, next to your computer, in your desk drawer at home.
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    Do not take your private information to school or work: the chance of its being seen or found and read by your co-workers, teacher or boss outweigh the benefits.
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    Carry a smaller notebook for temporary notes that could fit in your pocket or purse for convenience and privacy: It would only be some notes to use at home, and pages can be disposed of later.
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    Write about what happens at work or school, and at home and on the other side of the earth. Include:
    • Day by day listing about your work, classes, goals, prayers and plans of what you are working toward.
    • Date each entry. Start writing and keeping your narratives and thoughts.
    • Review to remember working for these things and you can check them later to see how they turn out.
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    Record your ideas, goals, prayers and historical events of your life in your notebook and how each issue develops.
    • Separate or mark your records according to kind including:
    • Friends, family, city, state, nation and the global events (improvements, famine, pestilence, war and peace, rumors of war and rumors of peace).
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    Keep up with each area's progress and failings, using common sense and look for the good things for all.
    • This is important: Keep a separate place in the journal for just how and when each goal is achieved.


  • This is about faith and belief: so you would give God glory and thank Him when your plans work out and when questions are answered. If this includes prayer, God may say: "No, Wait..., or Yes;" i.e.: those are all "answered" prayers.
  • This is about reason and personal benefits: you don't need to believe in God to keep a journal. If something goes well in your life, and if it seems mostly of your own doing, give yourself credit for following through and making progress!
  • When something goes wrong, accept responsibility and try to make the situation better and learn from it. "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it". Use this journal as a way to better yourself, for your own personal reasons.


  • Do not take it to school or work; where the risk that it would be read is too likely, that it might happen.

Things You'll Need

  • An ordinary paper spiral notebook, or a personal journal or diary book.
  • Alternative electronic PDA, or computer journal.

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