How to Justify Getting a Tattoo

That fancy art on someone's skin is probably making you want to have one too. Well, not all people can, and not all people would agree on that matter. Tattoo, as they call it, is a widely practiced art all over the world. While it may be popular, many still consider this as a taboo.

If you're just planning to get a tattoo or you already have one, read this article first before bringing it up to your family, friends or relatives. You know that it's not necessary, but many still have issues with regards to it.


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    Tell as to why did you get a tattoo or why did you have one. Your parents or your friends might be shocked to hear that "tattoo" thing from you. They may begin to speculate a lot of things in you. But remember, telling them the reason will be the best justification. People may think that you are undergoing a "shift" in your personality, or you just simply become troubled these past few days.
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    Share your views about having a tattoo. Other people may not ask your opinion about this anymore as they already knew the reason behind. But your parents or your special someone may do so. Art is known to be abstract. So if you come up with an opinion that having a tattoo is for art's sake, then Bravo! This might stop them from asking all over again.
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    Prove to them that a tattoo is nothing but a "tattoo". People may start accusing you of being a drug user or a rebel kid. Tattoo has always been given a bad name. Some will associate tattoos with outbreak prisoners, a person who has no direction in life, and many more. Yes, it does hurt when people try to look at you that way just because of a tattoo. If you know a good friend of yours or someone of good character but bears a tattoo on his body, share his/her story to them. In that way you can prove that a tattoo does not mirror your overall character. There are these people who have no tattoo and yet does crimes or are evil in nature.
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    Tell them that it is a personal decision of yours. Parents have this fear of peer pressure among their children. With conviction, tell to everyone that you're getting a tattoo because you really want it.
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    Convince them that it is safe. Tattoos are notorious for its health risks such as AIDS, Hepatitis and others. It would be best to let people know that you get your tattoo job nicely done at a licensed studio or that you were handled by an expert tattoo artist. Tattoo, when done hygienically, imposes no threat or harm to the health of the person undergoing the procedure.


  • Explanation is the key. You can't do anything else but to explain it properly. Don't be rude while explaining though.
  • Explain to them the design of your tattoo (if you already have any) or give them a hint of what would be the design of your tattoo. It might be too vulgar for them or too abstract that they might speculate of something else.
  • Show to them that you are ready for a tattoo. You simply can't convince them having a tattoo if you yourself aren't ready for it.


  • Tattoo involves breaking the skin barrier in order to have the pigment onto your skin. It might sound scary but you should be able to get into the details of the procedure.
  • Don't ever slip your tongue to the statement that "tattoos can be removed". Tattoos are permanent, except for Henna tattoos. People may think that you don't know tattoo very well and that they may hold you back from having one.

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