How to Jump off a Swing Safely

Jumping off swings is fun and exciting! You let go, you have just seconds to get in the stance to touch the ground. What a rush! But, you don't know how. Well, I am going to teach you how to jump & land safely, also how to prepare for impact.


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    Find a swing set on grass, woodchips (be careful as not to get the chips in your skin, which can lead to splinters and slivers), sand or any soft surface. Pavement is not recommended.
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    Start swinging. To do this safely, beginners should not go so high. Just give a few strong pumps & get ready for step 3.
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    Let go! But don't just let go! Before anything, keep in mind that you only have seconds, milliseconds rather to land. You need to prepare for impact. Preparing for impact is not so much regularly landing, but if something goes wrong, say you are too high, the swing gets crooked, ETC. You will need to prepare for sudden impact. (next step). So when you let go, let one hand off, bring that elbow through the swing. Once that arm lets go & the elbow is almost through, IMMEDIATELY let go with the other hand. Having one hand stay on can be extremely dangerous.
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    PREPARE FOR IMPACT. Keep in mind you only have milliseconds in the air. You need to have a backup plan, quick. Plan before you jump. Take a few really low jumps to get an idea before taking your first real jump. Preparing for impact involves bending your knees A LOT more than usual, and also always having a hand out for balance. Sometimes, if your feet can't handle the shock, you might as well take a fall to your knees. Or, you could land on your feet & skid on the ground, or swiftly run
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    Land. Landing can be scary. As long as you have a P4I plan (prepare for impact), you should land safely. Don’t fidget or wiggle/ kick your legs in the air. This could result in an ugly landing. Don’t try to jack knife. Don't grab your ankles in the air. You don't have enough time to do so.
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    Go a little higher each time you jump.
    • You might think you can master it, but you'll be sorry when you have a sprained ankle, or broken arm when you think you can do it. :p
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    Tricks!! When you are skilled, with many many, many days of practice, it can even take years of you don't stick with it. Some cool tricks are a 180, 270 or 360 twist when you jump. There’s also unicorn landing. Where you land on one foot then trot like a horse. Try the double-jump too! Land swiftly on the ground, skimming it & then take a quick jump forward.


  • Try different swings, jumps, and platforms. Switch from wood chips to grass. You might think because it’s the after effect, it doesn't matter. Well, it does for your landing.
  • Prepare for impact. Practice jumping off or playhouses & trees. They are not moving, so it is safer.
  • If there is a stick or an obstacle sticking up from the ground, put something low on it. If you put a milk crate or a box on it, you won't be able to concentrate knowing you could hit that. Put a lacrosse stick on it or something.
  • Doing this barefoot can help strengthen your feet and your skin. But do NOT go barefoot on wood chips.


  • NEVER jump when someone is in front of you.
  • Don't push people off of swings.
  • If you do not prepare for the worst, bad things can happen. You could break or sprain a bone.
  • Don't jump at the same time with people, especially if they are right next to you or 1 seat away. You could hit, or bump the swing in between and send it hitting the both of you'!!!
  • Never try to land in a handstand.
  • Do NOT land with straight locked legs. This could cause your legs bending backwards, or just somehow breaking. Always bend your knees.
  • NEVER jump when someone is on the swing next to you.

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