How to Jump Double Dutch

Double Dutch is playing jump rope with two ropes and one or more people jumping simultaneously. This involves at least three people total, one or more jumping and two turning the ropes. While the jumping-rope is going on, the two people turning the ropes often recite rhymes in rhythm. An example:

"Ice cream soda pop cherries on top,
how many boyfriends have you got?
Is it 1 ,2,3,..."

Double Dutch started as a street game, but now has advanced to competitions with awards and prizes, and is being considered as a serious sport for the Olympics.


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    Gather 3-8 people needed to play the game.
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    Choose the two who will turn the ropes and who will jump in.
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    Left arms turns rope clockwise,right counterclockwise, from the elbow. Hold rope with thumb and forefinger. Curl rest of fingers under the thumb.
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    Find your rhythm. Turn ropes high and at any needed speeds.
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    Jump through the ropes when the rope closest to you hits the ground (ex: if you are on the right hand side of the turner, you jump in when the rope in their left hand hits the ground),then move to the center of the rope.
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    Once jumping try moving back and forth along the rope, turning around, jumping on one foot, and adding other jumpers.
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    Sing the special songs that are sung by the rope turners, and the jumpers jump in rhythm.
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    Recognize that you play against teams, the teams make up two turners and two jumpers.
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    As a street game, you make up the rules of who goes first and how many games you have to jump in order to win. When playing in competition, you follow the rules of the 'game', just like any competition that awards trophies and prizes.
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    Celebrate for doing it, whether your jump was long or not. It's all about having fun.And it is hard when you start to learn so be careful and make sure you have a big place to do it.
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    Then after that start all over and you will get better.


  • The most important idea is to have fun and get moving.
  • While learning how to jump Double Dutch, start out slowly. You have to learn the basic jumps first. Success takes excellent coordination and dedication.
  • To learn, find two friends to turn the rope, and you can practice alone. Then you can be one of the turners, and one of your friends will practice jumping.
  • If your turners don't, however, you'll need to jump in. You need to jump when there is an opening in the ropes, and you'll need to jump over the rope that is closest to you as it's coming down. It's easier to jump in from a diagonal. After several tries, you should have the hang of it.
  • When first starting, if your turners know how, you can start in the middle.
  • When you each learn, you can find another group to compete with.
  • Consider creating a team.
  • Don't push yourself too early start simple,example: start jumping in with one rope whether it's turning either way then try two.


  • If you are not sure of your health, check with a doctor before Double Dutch jumping. If you have any heart problems, or illnesses that will affect your heart, do not Double Dutch until you get checked out by your Doctor. This is sport requiring a high level of fitness and can cause heart strain and cramps.
  • Make sure you are in excellent health before dutch jumping. It takes a lot of energy.

Things You'll Need

  • Double Dutch ropes
  • Two people to turn
  • 1 or 2 jumpers
  • More than four (maximum 30) members

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