How to Juggle with Other People

What is the three, three, ten, and how can I use it ? The 3-3-10 is a useful counting mnemonic for team juggling. The definition of team juggling is two or more people juggling six or more objects and exchanging a some of them on a specified count.

Lets see... you've got two or more people (who can juggle) and six or more juggling objects. You also should have two hands each; label the left hand the AND hand, and the right hand the NUMBER or COUNT hand.

NOTE: There seem to be more right handed people in the world than left handed ones, so practice this count starting with 2 in the right hand. Although you may be left handed, remember that both hands have to be good in juggling, and remember that the chances are greater that the person you are juggling with is right handed. If you are left handed, this will make you a better juggler, if you are right handed, you will not notice.


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    Both jugglers start with two bags in the right hand (possibly) and one in the left with both arms crooked up at the elbows (this is the 1st AND).
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    Say AND while dropping your arms and say ONE as you make the first throw (to yourself). Commence juggling whilst counting. The NUMBERS should be your right hand throws, the ANDS should be your left hand throws.
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    On the TOSS, I throw from my right shoulder to your left shoulder (straight across) and you throw from your right shoulder to my left shoulder (still straight across).
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    The ANDS are a "self" toss from your left hand to your right.
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    You may find it handy to vocally modulate the ands when switching sets.

The Count

  1. The first 3 Every third bag in your right hand gets thrown to your partner.
    • AND One and Two and Toss...
    • And Two and Two and Toss...
    • And Three and Two and Toss...
  2. The second 3 Every other bag in your right hand gets thrown to your partner.
    • AND One and Toss...
    • And Two and Toss...
    • And Three and Toss...
  3. The 10 Every bag in your right hand gets thrown to your partner!
    • AND Toss and Toss and Toss...
    • And Four, and Five, and Six, and Seven, and Eight, and Nine, and Ten...
    • Stop throwing, catch everything, say "Ta Da", and take a bow.


  • This article describes the count and focuses on two people exchanging bean bags. Once you have if figured out, you may find that you can include many people in the exchange process. With three people in a circle, each tosses outgoing to the person on their right (and gets an incoming from the person on their left). It is even more fun with 10 people in a larger circle!
  • When you can reasonably exchange every third ball, and every other ball, then try exchanging every ball. For each incoming ball (from your partner to your left hand), you do a "self" toss and an outgoing toss (from your right hand to your partners left hand).
  • Your outgoing toss is always from your right hand to your partners left hand. The same holds true for your partner, her right hand throws a ball straight across to your left hand.
  • Then work up to exchanging every other toss or The second 3 You can work on "every-others" independently of The first 3, but it is more fun to switch into it from "every-thirds".
  • Start learning this team juggling count with The first 3, repeat until comfortable exchanging every third toss. You can keep on exchanging every third bag for a long time if you feel like it.
  • They throw straight across from their right to your left, you throw straight across from your right to their left.


  • This is an advanced technique for two (or more) people who can juggle reasonably well. It may not make sense to a beginner juggler, see How to Juggle.
  • At first, this may seem difficult.

Things You'll Need

  • Two people who can juggle three items reasonably well
  • Six beanbags or juggling balls
  • Four hands
  • Time, patience, and a sense of humor

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