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In this article you will find out how to juggle two balls. Technically, this is not really juggling, it is however, the first step in learning how to juggle.

First, practice throwing one ball in a simple arch from one hand to the other, about eye-high, in a plane in front of your body.

Then, pick up a second ball. Toss the first ball, then pause a split-second, then toss the second ball just before catching the first ball.

The object is to exchange the one in the air for the one in your hand.


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    One ball changing hands Pick one ball and just toss it from one hand to another. Don't toss too high or too far -- keep it right in front of you. Then toss it back to the other hand. Do this until it becomes comfortable or until you feel silly doing it. Return the ball to the other hand in the same fashion, toss it up into the air. Resist the urge to simply pass it across to your "good" hand. Tossing it back up into the air gives you that split-second you will soon need for the third ball.
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    Two Ball Exchange Hold one ball in each hand. Begin by tossing as before (you want to toss first from your dominant hand). Just after the first ball has peaked, reach up slightly to get it while tossing the other. The second toss (up-going) travels just the the inside of the down-coming balls path. Right after tossing the second ball you should catch the first. Do not toss too hard; keep them about eye-high. You will find that you are simply exchanging the one in the air for the one in your hand.
    • This is the basic trick to juggling, it is called "The Jug". The good news is - if you can do two, you can do three (you just don't know it yet). Keep practicing exchanging the one in the air for the one in your hand. One, two, catch, catch, stop. One, two, catch, catch, stop.
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    Know that once you can "Do the Jug" four times in a row or so, you've mastered the basics! At this point, you have the skills needed to to pick up that third ball and change that "Jug" into a "Juggle".
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    A natural instinct is to always throw first with the dominant hand. Instead, try to alternate starting hand. This means always starting with the same ball.


  • Let yourself progress a little at a time - you probably won't be able to keep the balls in play for long at first.
  • You might find yourself throwing the second ball across from one hand to another, rather than throwing it up at all. This is a different pattern. Make sure that all throws go up, as well as over.
  • This simple two bag exchange is the key to learning how to juggle. You trade the one in the air, for the one in your hand, then stop. Juggling three balls is exactly the same, except you do not stop. You just keep trading the one in the air for the one in your hand with alternating hands.
  • If you are throwing the balls out in front of you, it is because you are opening your hand too early. Keep grasping the ball longer.
  • If you stand in front of a bed, you won't have to bend down as far to pick them up. This may keep you from throwing out in front of yourself (a common error at first).
  • Set small goals (e.g. catch both balls, catch three balls, etc.)
  • Do not use heavy things or you will injure yourself if it drops on your toe.
  • Throw the first ball diagonal and right before you catch the first ball throw the second ball diagonal then catch them both.


  • Don't juggle objects that are too heavy or that are dangerous in ANY way until you are very good.
  • At first this may seem difficult.

Things You'll Need

  • Two juggling balls or beanbags that fit comfortably in your hand and are filled with rice, or other material so they are not too heavy or light.

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