How to Juggle Three Clubs

So you've learned to juggle three balls, and are ready to move on to something more impressive. Juggling clubs is a great skill to learn, and learning the clubs opens up the world of "club passing" with other jugglers. It's easy to learn with some practice and the right equipment, so keep practicing!


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    Get some good quality clubs to start with. Don't try to learn with the plastic one-piece toys you can get cheap in some hobby stores. They hurt your hands after only a few minutes and the balance is poor for beginners. On the internet you can get good clubs from or Brian Dube Juggling. (See External Links for one of each.)
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    Start like you started juggling three balls. Don't try to hold all three clubs in your hands at first. Just start with one. Hold it in your dominant hand (right, for this article) and practice tossing it to your other hand.
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    Try to get one good solid flip, and aim for consistent throws. You want the apex of the toss to be just above eye level. Any higher and your throws will be out of control. Any lower and you won't have time to get that second toss in.
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    Practice with just your dominant hand until you get good, consistent throws.
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    To add in the second club, hold it in your left hand between the middle and ring fingers, and just leave it there. Now continue your single throws, getting used to having a club in the other hand.
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    Once you are again getting good consistent throws, add in the second throw just like you did with balls. Toss the second club when the first begins its descent from its apex. Throw it under the first club, and aim for one good flip, then catch it in your right hand.
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    STOP! Don't try to do 100, or even ten tosses. Just do two, then see how you did. You're going to drop a lot. We all did. It will come. Be patient.
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    Once you can reliably catch both clubs, add in the third. Put it in your dominant hand and just hold it there, again between the middle and ring fingers to start with. Now continue your two tosses until you get comfortable again.
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    Now for that third toss. By now you are beginning to feel the rhythm of juggling the clubs so this will come easily. After you have caught the first throw, and as the second club is at its apex, throw the third club to the left hand, then catch the second throw in the now-vacant right hand, catch the third throw in the already-holding-one-club left hand, and STOP!
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    Now you have done three throws! Hand one club back to your dominant hand, and start over until you can catch all three throws several times in a row.
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    Once you have some success with three throws, try four, then STOP! It's one step at a time. Don't try for long runs until you can do four, five, and six throws with some regularity.
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    That's it! You're now juggling the clubs! With some practice you will only get better and better.


  • When you have been getting consistent throws, then it all falls apart and you can't catch anything... take a break. This is just your mind reacting to your muscles learning a new pattern. Go get something to drink or read for a bit, then pick it right back up. You will find your consistency returns like magic.
  • Unlike the balls, clubs don't roll very far away from you. Like balls, clubs can actually bounce to some extent. Don't get frustrated with this. Just pick them up and start over. We all drop our props. Just practice a funny line for when it happens, then forget about it.
  • Get good equipment. Shoddy clubs will not only hurt your hands, they will make learning to juggle them more difficult and frustrating that it needs to be. Spend a few dollars knowing that you WILL master the clubs soon!
  • Practice for short periods of time (15-20 minutes) several times each day. This helps build up the muscle memory for the patterns, and reinforces the good habits your arms and brain are learning.
  • Before adding the second club try one club with two balls.


  • Clubs hurt a lot more than balls when you miss a throw. They're spinning and they're heavier. You are going to whack yourself more than a couple times while learning. Keep your eyes on the clubs and keep your head out of their way.
  • If you are holding a club in your hand, sometimes it is best to let one fall rather than try to make an awkward catch. Pinched fingers can result.

Things You'll Need

  • GOOD quality juggling clubs.
  • Some hand eye coordination

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