How to Juggle Fire

Juggling ordinary clubs is fun, but some people want a little more excitement. You might want to juggle fire. This is sort of dangerous, but you probably knew that. That's basically the point, anyway. You will amaze your friends, frighten your enemies, and concern the authorities.


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    Become a solid three club juggler. If you want to juggle fire at night when it's more impressive (you do), then you should practice juggling ordinary clubs at night. If you're busy at night or it's daytime and you're impatient, close your eyes. When you juggle fire, it's a lot harder to see the handle because it's just not nearly as bright as the fire. Imagine juggling with clubs whose handles are basically invisible.
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    Go someplace where the local authorities won't mind you juggling fire. No matter how safe you assure people this is, some people just naturally worry about their building or wildlife catching on fire. In general, do not do this inside, near dry grass, on school grounds, or in a crowded area.
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    Put some fuel in a bucket. And put your bucket in a larger bucket. Dipping your torches into a bucket of fuel is a lot easier than trying to squirt it on. Any fuel that drips off your torches should run into the bottom of the larger bucket. Put a lid on your fuel to prevent it from drying up.
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    Bring some equipment for safety. A fire extinguisher and a bucket of water are good, but it's also a good idea to have spotters on hand with fire blankets just in case. They are commonly called duvetyne blankets. You probably won't need them but just in case.
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    Shake off your torches. After dipping in the fuel, give them a good shake. Aim this shake toward the ground! If you don't do this, you run the risk of splattering everyone with fire. Do this away from where you plan to be lighting the torches. You don't want to accidentally drop and end up setting the ground around you alight.
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    Light the torches. Light one torch first, either with a lighter or from someone else' torch. Hold it in front of you, pointed up, and light the other two.
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    Juggle! If you do this right, you will now be confronted with spinning fire right in front of your face. Don't be afraid of this. Juggle normally, and concentrate on your catches.
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    When you fumble a torch, let it fall. Picking up a fallen torch is a lot more fun than catching the fire in your hand. Get out of the way.


  • Some fuels burn hotter than others, but you will probably not get burned just by accidentally grabbing the flaming part for a second.
  • Fire juggling is awesome. Don't do it alone, because there will be no one around to impress.
  • You may get sooty doing this. Wear old clothes and bring a washcloth.
  • If you are worried about being stopped by the police or security, you will seem a lot more responsible if you have visible safety measures on hand.


  • Seriously, be careful where you do this. A lot of people are paranoid about fire for good reason, and you or your juggling club may get in trouble.
  • Hold the torches with the fire up! If you hold them down you will burn yourself.
  • Don't do this near easily inflammable surroundings, such as dry leaves on the ground or your open container of fuel.

Things You'll Need

  • Juggling torches. Most online juggling stores will sell you these.
  • Lamp oil or white gas. Lamp oil generally burns cooler and is better for the torch, but is not as bright.
  • A bucket to put fuel in.
  • A fire extinguisher
  • Fire blankets, buckets of water, or other fire safety equipment is recommended.

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