How to Join the Ragdoll Culture

A shy culture has been Lurking in the darkness for a while now and some think it is one that ought-to be shared with the world! This is Ragdoll fashion and culture. This article will be to help those discover their Ragdoll side and help to connect with others who are Ragdolls! If you are interested in the Ragdoll lifestyle then please read on.


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    Understand Ragdoll. Ragdoll is a culture centered around self expression. The aesthetic mode of self expression is ragdoll-style garb. For example, patches, Zippers, buttons, ect. The Ragdoll style is LOUD and is intended for people LOUD on the inside as well! It has an old yet edgy feel much like steampunk does. The Ragdoll culture is mostly solitary and many Ragdolls don't know that they are Ragdolls. There is little-to-no online culture and in real life running into Ragdolls is rare.
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    Analyze yourself. The question is not, 'How do I become a Ragdoll?' The true question is, 'Am I a Ragdoll?' As stated above, many Ragdolls are unaware they are Ragdolls. There are many people who enjoy the Ragdoll art style, admire the fashion, or identify with the attitude without even knowing it. Here is a list of things you may want to ask yourself. If you answer yes to most or all of them you may be interested in the culture.
    • Do you enjoy ragged style?
    • Do you like stitching, patches, mixed materials?
    • Are you a quirky person?
    • Do you enjoy Tim-Burton films?
    • Do you like to project your emotions outward with the way you dress?
    • Are you an individual?
    • Are you highly expressive?
    • Do you express yourself in what you wear?
    • Do you like to dress up in costumes/cosplay?
    • Do you appreciate the avant-garde?
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    Get Creative. If you feel like the Ragdoll culture might be for you, express your artistic potential within the Ragdoll style if you already haven't. Try stitching, patching, 'dolling-up' clothes, ect. You don't have to be good at it, you don't even have to peruse Ragdoll art yourself, but exploring your own potential may help you get in touch with your Ragdoll spirit!
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    Explore Ragdoll Art. Ragdoll art is pretty neat and it is the style Ragdoll is based around! Tim Burton makes great Ragdoll-style movies. Fashion wise there are many great independent artists/designers you can enjoy. The Same goes for pictorial art. Since ragdoll is a shy, emerging culture you will may struggle to find things overtly identified as "Ragdoll culture." So, don't look for what calls itself Rag doll, look for what you think is Ragdoll, this way Ragdoll style art shouldn't be hard to find.
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    Play dress-up. Don't let the prospect of dressing ragdoll scare you away. Being Ragdoll is like being in any other fashion-expressing subculture/fandom, it is way to express yourselves at different levels. Some only identify on the inside and some wear the full-suit. Though you may not want to go around dressed ragdoll, it is fun to make costumes for parties and even just to wear around the house. You can even do Ragdoll-style cosplays!
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    Make your fashion practical. If you want to go full-Ragdoll all the time then more power to you, but chances are you don't. If you want to express your inner passion through fashion without going over the top there are many solutions. You can keep it in the accessories by wearing ragdoll-like knuckle gloves or hand-stitched bracelets. You can "doll-up" clothing by cutting and patching old jeans for example. You can even do your hair ragdoll style. Many do this by braiding it if it's longer or just rustling it up if you're shorter.
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    Spread the love. Help others to discover their inner Ragdoll, but don't be too pushy. Try to find people who may already be Ragdoll-esque or seem like they would enjoy it.
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    Build the network. As a culture, Ragdolls are solitary and shy. Many Ragdolls do not know others and keep their hobbies private. Spread the word online and in real life to gap the bridges. Since the network online for Ragdolls is basically nonexistent, you have to build it yourself.
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    Live, love, and be a ragdoll! Being a Ragdoll is truly a personal identity. Since it is not a huge community you truly have to be happy with yourself and not worry about feeling alone, though many do sometimes. Realize you are Ragdoll and love being who you are! It's as simple as that!


  • Be unique but don't push it in people's faces. One can be unique and loud but also down to earth.
  • Help to spread the culture to those who may like it.
  • Be yourself and be happy about it.
  • Stimulate your artistic side and maybe even start a blog.


  • Be careful to who you talk to online if you decide to spread the culture online.
  • You may get some backlash.
  • Try to not go overboard.

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