How to Join Junior Roller Derby

Two Methods:Joining Junior Roller DerbyStarting a Junior Roller Derby Team

Junior roller derby is a great sport for kids and teens, and a great introduction to adult roller derby if you're still too young to play. If you're interested in the sport, start with step one, below, to join a team.

Method 1
Joining Junior Roller Derby

  1. 1
    Research roller derby teams in your state. You're going to want to research roller derby teams in your state by searching for "roller derby in (state name here).
    • Don't just search for junior roller derby, as most junior roller derby teams don't have their own website to advertise. However, you can also check on Facebook for junior roller derby bout advertisements in your area.
  2. 2
    Go to the adult roller derby games. Not only will you get introduced to the world of roller derby (if you haven't already been introduced), most junior roller derby teams help out their sister adult team in several ways, whether it's just being in attendance, helping sell roller derby merchandise, or playing before or after the adult team plays. If you don't see a Junior team, try directly asking one of the players or refs about a junior roller derby team.
  3. 3
    Find more information about the junior roller derby team in your state. Most junior roller derby team's ages range from 8-17, but your state's team may not be the same. Make sure you are old enough or young enough to join.
  4. 4
    Go to practice. Now that you've found out more about the junior team, go to practice. Everybody there will be really nice and helpful, and you can probably borrow skates and gear from your team until you've bought your own. Remember to keep going to practice as often as you can, and don't get upset and quit just because it's hard in the beginning, it will be worth it in the end.
  5. 5
    Remember to be safe! Don't take any unnecessary risks. Make sure that you are wearing all proper gear before you set foot on the track, and remember to get a mouth guard and become officially contact ready before you start hitting. After that, just enjoy the life of being a derby girl!

Method 2
Starting a Junior Roller Derby Team

  1. 1
    If there are no Junior Roller Derby teams in your area, start your own! Start by talking to the adult team, to see if anybody is interested in coaching or helping you make a team. They will most likely be very interested, but if you can't find a player who's able to coach, try talking to a referee instead.
  2. 2
    Once you have a coach, advertise on Facebook, with flyers, and just by talking to your friends about joining roller derby. Even if you only get one recruit in the first few months, every team has to start somewhere and yours will grow.
  3. 3
    Find a sponsor or a place to practice. Next, you'll need a place to actually practice roller derby. Again, go to the adult team and see where they practice. However, if that space isn't available to you, try asking at your local ice-skating rink, gym, or school. Most of these places would be willing to let you practice in their space for a fee, and some may even want to become your sponsor.
  4. 4
    Be persistent. Even if your team is small or nonexistent in the beginning, keep talking to people, and keep advertising. You'll find more coaches and players as long as you keep with it, and sometimes just talking to the people at your school is the first step.


  • If you are too old to play, you can always join an adult league.
  • Don't forget to wear all gear at all times.


  • You will get injured, as roller derby is a full contact sport. Make sure you have the proper gear, and talk to your doctor if you have a history with asthma or other exercise related conditions.

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