How to Join a wikiHow Conference Call

Aside from talk page messages, forums, and IRC, there's another way to chat with fellow wikiHowians - create or join a conference call! Conference calls are very interesting because it reveals the true voice behind the computer persona. Any wikiHowian can organize a conference call by simply asking others to meet them in the wikiHow conference call room. It is open 24/7 for your use. Use it as much as you want!


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    Call in via any of the following methods:
    • Free method: Skype - Dial this number directly in Skype +9900827047063852 . This is a free call. (It is "Skype to Skype" and will not use your Skype credit or cost you a dime.) You don't need to follow the rest of the steps if you use this method.
    • Toll call method with landline or mobile phone: Depending on where you live you may need to pay long distance charges to reach these numbers:
      • United States/Canada +1 (201) 793-9022
      • Austria +43 (0) 82040115470
      • Belgium +32 (0) 7 0357134
      • France +33 (0) 826109071
      • Germany +49 01805009527
      • Ireland +353 (0) 818270968
      • Italy +39 848390177
      • Spain +34 (9) 02885791
      • Switzerland +41 (0) 8 48560397
      • United Kingdom +44 (0) 8454018081
    • Toll free method with landline or mobile phone:
      • wikiHow does have a limited number of toll free numbers available for these calls. Email for details.
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    Enter the conference room number, which is 7063852, and # while or after the operator asks for the conference room number.
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    Listen to soothing music as you wait for others to join or introduce yourself in an existing conversation.
    • If you are the first one to connect, it will notify you before connecting.
    • In an existing conversation, there will be a "beep" whenever someone connects or disconnects from the conference call.
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    Relax and talk about wikiHow or anything wiki-related.


  • Anyone can call, as the service is free to use. The call center is located in Duluth, Minnesota, USA, however, this means that anyone that does not live in Minnesota may be charged with long distance fees, depending on their phone plans.
  • Occasionally wikiHow conference calls will be organized in advance and published on the forums. All interested wikiHowians are invited to participate.
  • You can also organize a wikiHow conference at any time. Just invite others to participate on IRC, the forums, or talk pages and if you find someone to join you, you will have a call. You do not need permission from staff, admins, or anyone else to use the wikiHow conference call room.
  • Be respectful to everyone that does not want to participate in a conference call. These may be some reasons:
    • Different time zones, different plans/activities for the day, etc.
    • Phone plan rates. A person may consider if the call was during the "off-peak", weekend, or weeknight hour range to avoid paying extra.
    • Parent involvement with the phone bill. A teen/teenager may not have a cellphone under their own name.
  • Organize a conference call by posting an announcement in the forums. Wait for other suggestions, dates, and times. Confirm planned time as it draws near. Also, announce that the call is being made and drop an invitation to those in IRC at the time.

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