How to Join a Sorority

This page is intended to aid and guide those young women who wish to pursue an interest in sorority life at their University by going through a formal recruitment process. This guide is merely that, a guide. Proper judgement should follow any and all situations, but this guide should help make the process more relaxed and enjoyable.


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    Do your research. Before you register for a recruitment, look up the different sororities in place at your University. If possible, locate their national organizational website and their local website if they have one. These can be valuable tools as these sites always offer general information about the history, symbols and philanthropic efforts of each sorority. The local web pages can show you the activities of each sorority and what they do each semester.
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    Sign up for recruitment early. Each sorority is given a list of the women who are signed up each day immediately before recruitment begins. The earlier they see your name on the prospective attendance roster, the more easily they will recognize your name the first few nights.
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    Include as much information about yourself as possible. Most University Greek life organizations have some sort of form you will have to fill out as you register. Include all high school activities you were in, even if you didn't hold any leadership roles. Sororities love extracurriculars. Also include any and all academic clubs in college, too. Regardless of what you may have seen in movies and television, sororities hold scholastic achievement in high regard.
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    Dress Appropriately for each night. Generally, each night of recruitment will grow more formal, starting with a simple jeans and polo outfit to a formal/cocktail dress event towards the end. While appearance is definitely not the most important thing that sororities will be looking for, pride in appearance and self confidence will definitely give you an edge.
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    Ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask questions. That is what you are here for after all. Sororities are always open to questions. The goal here is to find the sorority that fits you best.
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    Always be polite. At the end of each session or evening, thank the person(s) you spoke with for the evening's conversation. That extra touch at the end of the evening will help them remember you out of all the people they will be meeting each night.


  • Make sure before choosing you desired sorority that you are financially qualified for it.
  • Chose the sorority that fits you best socially and morally.
  • Engage your self as much as possible
  • It's okay to be nervous. Many of the women you will be meeting will be just as or even more nervous than you, and it's okay to slip up every now and then.
  • Avoid joining a certain sorority to please others
  • Go into recruitment with an open mind. Ignore rumors or stereotypes you may have heard. Doing so will leave you with the ability to get an accurate feel for the chapter, and you will have a much better chance of getting a bid from the chapter that is best for you and you for it.
  • Always try to use the person's name you are speaking with at least once. You will probably be meeting as many as 15 women the 1st night at least. While the sororities will not be expecting you to remember everyone you meet, the prospect of meeting that many people can be unnerving and this may help put you at ease.
  • Contact parents prior to joining. You will need financial and moral support.
  • Talk with friends and/or family who have been involved in Greek life as well, just don't let there opinion influence you to much in one way or another you must choose for yourself.


  • Do not mention that you are joining to 'hook up' with fraternities or party all the time. Not only are sororities not about that at all, some sororities may look on that negatively, and it will affect your chances of getting chosen.
  • Please note that every campus has a different recruitment method. Most universities and colleges have a website for their Greek offices. Check out their site to better understand the process. You may even want to try contacting someone at the office to get a better grasp of that particular school's process.

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