How to Jam and Play With a Myachi

What is a Myachi you ask! Myachis are similar to the Hacky Sack, but very very different. With these rectangular sacks, your hands are added into the equation. This article is a How-To for playing or "Jamming" with Myachi Original Hand Sacks (MHS).


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    Choose your Myachi. They come in many colors and designs from series 3.2x to series 4.4. You can find Myachi online at where you can get all the latest Sacks from the newest series or, you can find them at other online locations. You can also find them at retail stores. Retailers are typically found in the New York City area, Long Island and the Tri-state area. Some retailers that carry them include Funky Monkey, FAO Schwartz and Toys'R'Us.
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    Start having fun with your Myachi. Straight out of the box the Myachi will be sort of stiff and pristine, however the more you use it, the softer and easier to use it is (Also called, being "Yummy") It's suggested to start off with simple tricks at beginner levels like "Cold Fusion" or "Trampoline".
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    To perform Cold Fusion: Hold both hands out in the Lotus Position with the sack on either hand. Cross your arms so that the hand with the sack on it goes underneath the empty hand. Toss the sack up 4–6 inches (10.2–15.2 cm) and catch it with the empty top hand. Uncross your arms and then re-cross them, again bringing the hand with the MHS on it underneath the empty hand. Toss the sack up 4–6 inches (10.2–15.2 cm) again and catch it back on the hand you started with.
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    Practice your moves! As you progress you'll eventually be able to do intermediate, expert and master moves. Remember, it's more fun and looks better to combine moves which is called "Jamming"
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    Use the internet to find forums, videos and new tricks you can add to your arsenal!
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    Jam with your friends! Myachi is a lot more fun to play when you have more people doing with you. You can play catch with it, or HORSE where you set the bar and the other players try to equal your move. If they fail they get a letter, the sky is the limit with this revolutionary toy.


  • When First starting out, do your tricks over a table or other raised surface. If you're not very good then you won't want to keep bending down to pick it up
  • Keep Your Thumb Up! A loose thumb means a failed move.
  • Cradle the Myachi, when going to catch it don't just leave your hand out, bring the hand down with it to stop the momentum.
  • Use Finger Knugz, these are cloth rings that come with your Myachi, they add grip for beginners and are very helpful.
  • Don't be discouraged, even the best masters of Myachi were beginners at first.


  • Don't throw them at other people, they can hurt.
  • If you want to wash it, put it in your jeans pocket and put the jeans in the washing machine DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER!

Things You'll Need

  • Myachi
  • Finger Knugz *Optional*

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