How to Island Hop and Travel in Fiji

Two Methods:Planning Your Travel to FijiIsland Hopping While in Fiji

Fiji is a cluster of islands in the warm South Pacific waters that was created by volcanic mountains. Surrounded by natural beauty that includes tropical rainforests, beaches, coconut plantations and miles of pristine hiking trails, Fiji is made up of 332 islands, just over 100 of which are inhabited. Divided into 9 groups of islands, many tourists who visit Fiji enjoy traveling from island to island instead of staying in one place. Island hop and travel in Fiji by getting to know the inter-island system of travel, which often includes boats and catamarans, buying a pass for the extent of your stay through one of the charters, and reserving your accommodations on each island in advance.

Method 1
Planning Your Travel to Fiji

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    Gather all of your necessary travel documents. To enter Fiji by plane or by boat, you will need a passport. Most citizens do not need a visa unless you are planning to stay for longer than 4 months.
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    Arrive in one of the international airports found in Nadi and Suva. Air Pacific flies directly into Fiji from Los Angeles and Honolulu. Other flights will connect in Australia.
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    Map out the islands you want to visit. The Yasawa Island route is one of the most popular island hopping adventures, with around 20 islands scattered in the northwest part of the archipelago.
    • Plan on a 2 to 3 hour trip to these islands from Nadi, the capital of Fiji and the place where most island hopping expeditions originate. The islands most people want to see in the Yasawa area include Kuata, Waya, Wayasewa and Naviti.
    • Enjoy beaches, backpacking, hiking and snorkeling in the Yasawa Islands.
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    Try the Mamanucas Islands, which are south of the Yasawa Islands. Most people enjoy the natural beauty of these islands and enjoy sunbathing, swimming and surfing.
    • Look for Cloudbreak off Tavura Island if you want to surf. This area has been dubbed a "surfer's paradise" thanks to dramatic waves. Enjoy the white sand beaches on other islands in the Mamanucas, including Malolo Levu, Malolo Lailai, Matamanoa, Qalito and Treasure Islands.
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    Use the Fijian dollar as currency. It comes in bills and coins similar to the U.S. dollar or the Euro. When you use credit cards, your bank will convert the currency automatically.

Method 2
Island Hopping While in Fiji

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    Buy an island hopping pass. There are several tour companies on the major Fiji islands that offer extended passes for travel from 5 days to 21 days. 5 day passes start at around $200, while 21 day passes are around $500.
    • Look for a pass that will allow you to renew if you come to the end of your pass's validity and you want to keep traveling. For example, if you purchase a 7-day pass and you later decide you want to extend it to 10 days, ask about that option before you buy.
    • Review the schedules. Some passes will allow you to hop to 1 island per day, others will allow unlimited time getting on and off the boats.
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    Buy tickets from licensed tour operators only. Private citizens offering boat rides are not regulated for safety, and you will be traveling at your own risk.
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    Reserve hotel rooms before you begin island hopping. Many of the accommodations on the islands are small, so walking in without a reservation will not work. Some boats and charters will not let you board without proof of a hotel reservation.
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    Consider a combo pass. Some ferries and catamarans will allow you to buy a pass that includes transportation on their boats as well as hotel accommodations on certain islands.
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    Review your pass to ensure it stops at all of the islands you plan to see. If it does not, you will need to arrange for local transport on different islands, and your pass will not cover the costs.
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    Enjoy fresh fruit and seafood on most islands. The local cuisine is fresh, abundant and cheap. Many islands will have farmer's markets and the larger islands will have a good selection of restaurants.


  • Buy or download a great travel book on the Fiji Islands. The Lonely Planet has a reliable guide that includes maps and recommended things to do. You can also check out Frommer's and Fodor's for good information.


  • Try to enjoy your trip to Fiji without renting a car, especially if you plan to island hop. While many of the ferries can accommodate vehicles, rental agencies will not permit you to take a rented car from island to island by boat.
  • Stay safe and healthy in Fiji. Drownings are frequent, and the sun carries tropical ultraviolet rays. The islands include tropical disease dangers from insects such as mosquitoes

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