How to Iron a Suit Jacket

Tailored jackets are the best way to look smart fast. However, in order to pull the look off, the jacket must be sharply pressed to achieve the optimum presentation. This article will tell you how to press that suit jacket.


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    Set up the ironing board. If you don't have one, use a bath towel folded in half; lay it on a flat surface that will not be damaged by heat.
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    Check the care label on your jacket for care instructions. The most important part is to know the fibre content. If it's a linen jacket, the iron can be hot and you will need steam. If it's wool or wool blend then warm with steam is okay. If synthetic (for example, polyester/nylon), use a cooler setting without steam.
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    Check the base of the iron is clean so that no residue will adhere to your suit fabric. If it needs a clean, use wire wool and wipe with a damp cloth.
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    Set up for steam, if desired. If you are using steam (you will get a better result), find a small jug to fill the reservoir in the iron with water.
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    Plug in your iron, set to correct temperature. One dot is cool, 2 dots warm and 3 dots is hot.
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    Wait whilst it heats up. Do not start ironing before, or water will leak out and may mark the fabric.
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    Take the jacket and lay it flat on the board. Test the iron heat first on an inside area of the fabric, close to the hem, so if for some reason the iron still leaks or marks it, it is not in a visible place. Adjust the settings if necessary and continue carefully.
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    Start ironing the jacket body. Do not drag the iron but lift it and gently press down.
    • Iron lightly and smoothly over the back panel on the lining, not the face of the fabric.
    • Lay a clean tea towel over the face of the fabric and press through that. If the material has any special finish on it, this will also prevent a shiny look, which once pressed in will not come out!
    • Take care not to over-press, especially on hems.
    • Turn around and press the front panels, taking care of the lapel area.
    • Iron under the lapels so not to squash them flat.
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    Tackle the sleeves (the trickiest part). One tip is to roll a hand towel or t-shirt and stuff it up the sleeve to get a soft finish, as you do not want a hard line down the arm. You can also blow steam through; just be careful not to have your hand in the way.
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    As soon as you are finished, hang your neatly pressed and steamed jacket on a well-shaped hanger. Use one with shoulders and padding if possible, but a wire one is better than nothing. Allow it to cool hanging.


  • Use steam to soften folds and lapels.
  • Clean the iron before use.
  • Check the care label.
  • Use a clean tea towel on top of suit to protect the fabric during pressing.
  • Hang to cool after pressing.
  • Iron on reverse where possible.


  • Do not over-press, or fabric will become shiny.
  • Check the iron temperature on the inside at the hem first.
  • Check water has heated up before steaming.

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