How to Involve a Pet in Christmas

Many families consider their pets to be part of the family, so when it comes to Christmas festivities you might want to include your pet as well. This can be difficult with certain animals but there ARE simple ways to include them in the holiday cheer.


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    Make an ornament with their picture on it. Take a photo of your pet then find a small frame with a hook so that you can hang it on the tree. During the holiday season craft stores will probably have small decorations that you could even glue to the frame- like foam stickers.
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    Include them in your family's Christmas card, if it is possible. Just have a member in your family hold the animal or get the animal to stand next to someone in the picture. This will show that they are a part of your family.
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    Make them appear more festive with holiday decorations. For example, you could have your dog wear a Christmas collar or put a red ribbon around your fish tank. This just adds decoration to them and the room.
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    Give your pet a gift. While everyone is opening presents, give your pet a gift, such as a bone for a dog or a toy for a cat. It is also fun to wrap your gift for a dog, sometimes they will even unwrap it themselves.
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    Play with your animal around the holidays. If you live where it snows, then just take your dog outside to play with it. Or just spend a little time with your pet inside on Christmas giving it special attention, even if it's just a belly rub.


  • Do not put any decoration in an animals cage that they can eat, they may choke on it and it could poison them.
  • If a younger child is going to be handling the animal, make sure they know not to harm it. Also if a younger person is going to make an ornament, then make sure there is nothing sharp or that there is supervision.
  • When wrapping a gift for your pet, make sure the wrapping doesn't have anything that could cut your animals mouth or that they may swallow, tissue paper is good to use.
  • If you plan on taking a photo with an animal, make sure it is in a safe location and that your animal isn't sensitive to a flash or the surroundings.
  • If you are going to decorate the animal's cage, make sure it cannot harm the animal. Do not put anything in a reptile or fish tank that is not meant to be in there- for example do not put a reindeer statue in a fish tank that you bought in a boutique.

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