How to Invest in a Computer

You've got a computer that's really fast by today's standards. But what will you do in 10-15 years' time? Here are some ideas for investing in your computer so you can sell it at a good price.


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    Get graphics cards: If you want to sell this to a video game enthusiast, the computer must have decent graphics capabilities. High-end games require high-end graphics.
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    Get extra hard drive space: More space means you can store more stuff on the computer. That's always an attractive feature, especially to those who use a computer for everything from school assignments to MP3 storage.
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    Get more memory or fast processor unit: People who like speed on their computer will want these features. Buying extra RAM (Random Access Memory) is the most cost-effective way of improving your computer.
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    Get an extra DVD Writer: An extra DVD writer drive, perhaps one that features the ability to burn information (which could be anything from MP3 sound files to full backups of your files, given enough DVDs), would be a welcome addition to the system.
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    Get current accessories: Be sure that the computer's keyboard, mouse, monitor, speaker system and other accessories are as up-to-date as possible to appeal to buyers who want the latest gadgets.


  • Maximum you would really want to spend on upgrading a computer you are about to sell would be 100 dollars.
  • Use Windex or another type of soft household cleaning agent and clean the outside of the computer case and get a compressed air can to clean the dust out of the inside.
  • Sometimes family or friends can help find someone who's willing to pay a good price for the computer system.
  • Clean out your system and get backups so that when you reinstall, the programs are available.
  • The average life of a computer is about 3 years.
  • Consider reviving it with Linux
  • If you want to sell it to anyone, put it on eBay.


  • Ensure the computer is free of viruses, adware and spyware. The buyer might want to return the computer if it's infested.
  • Do not simply format your hard drive in order to remove your personal information. Use a utility specifically designed to do this.
  • If you try to keep a computer for 10-15 years it will probably be very difficult to find parts for it.
  • DO NOT clean the computer internals with any liquids, only compressed air.

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