How to Intern at an Advertising Agency

The advertising industry is highly competitive, so working as an intern can be a good way to gain an edge over the competition and get some experience in the industry. Interning takes quick thinking, motivation and willingness to learn, which are all qualities that are valued in advertising. Here are a few tips on how to intern at an advertising agency.


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    Apply early.
    • Advertising agency internships are hard to get and there will be lots of advertising majors competing for the one you want. Submit your application as early as possible to get an edge.
    • Be sure to include an updated resume and current contact information with your internship application.
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    Conduct yourself professionally.
    • Dress and act like a professional when you intern at an ad agency. Your supervisors will be evaluating your performance to decide whether you'd fit as a future employee. Adhere to the dress code, take your internship assignments seriously and make the best first impression you can.
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    Arrive on time.
    • Advertising is an industry full of deadlines and time-sensitive commitments, so be on time when you intern. Interning in advertising and not being paid doesn't give you a valid excuse for being late. Your lack of punctuality could harm your future employment chances with the agency.
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    Research the agency.
    • Learn about the agency where you'll be interning before your internship begins. Know a little about the agency's history, the industries in which the agency specializes and it's basic business philosophy.
    • Study a few of the agency's best known campaigns and biggest clients. This will help you start conversations with supervisors and help you learn more.
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    Practice humility.
    • An advertising agency internship could mean working long hours for little or no pay and being given a lot of the menial office work that no one else wants to do. Accept your intern status and try to view it as a learning experience. Remember that a solid performance during your internship could get you a full-time job at the agency.
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    Ask questions.
    • Make the most of your internship by asking questions about job roles, the advertising industry and advantages or disadvantages of different advertising positions.
    • Interview directors about what it takes to run a successful agency and how to be successful in the advertising industry.
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    Stand out by working hard.
    • Make yourself noticeable to agency directors who could be in the position to hire you when your internship ends. Volunteer to help out on big projects to meet deadlines, speak up to offer ideas and ask for more responsibility if you've completed everything you've already been assigned.

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