How to Interest People Right Away

Want to learn more about how to interest people right when you meet them? You have come to the right place, so keep on reading! This will teach you about the key strategies to get them hooked on you from the start, you will be irresistible!


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    Get Started.. from the Start! Once you meet them, grab their attention. Don't do the usual introduction while introducing yourself. Don't stick with the usual, "Hey, I'm Joe, what's your name?" Go with the unique type, such as, "Hey I'm Joe, I bet your thrilled to meet me.." and put your arm out for them to shake your hand. If you think that is too selfish, you might want to go to something else like, "Hey, I'm Joe, I hope you're as happy to meet me as I am to meet you," then offer your hand and shake hands, while you are shaking hands, consider saying something like, "I hope I am unforgettable!" Be unforgettable and exciting. Take a risk!
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    Get to Know Them Better. Now you have met them and have done the big introduction. Get to know them better! If you are with that person during this time, have fun, don't be shy, and be upbeat! Tell them lots and lots of things about yourself and ask them even more about themselves, they will start to love being with you!
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    The second time you get to see this same person (or any person), act like you have known them forever. This is not saying give them a hug when you see them, but consider shaking hands and saying something like, "Hey, we've met, fantastic to see you again." or even something more partying.
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    See this Person on a Regular Basis. If you know this person like you know your parents, then you will probably see them on a regular basis. Each and every time gradually get more and more friendly. The third time around, you may want to even give this person a friendly hug. They will (of course) hug you back.
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    Become Real Friends. If you have become a true, real friend with this person, they will probably not think of you as that interesting or new to them, which most people think of as best friends. If you are still confused about this, maybe the next step will cheer you up.
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    If you still don't have the courage to do all of this, (or any of this) think of it this way. If you guys end up knowing each other for a year or even more than that, you will clearly become great best friends or great family friends. Once this happens, you will eventually tell many people how you met. Think about this. If the other person tells how you guys met, you will be not only a funny person, but told as one! Don't let this chance slip away because you could regret it for years!


  • Be confident.
  • Smile a lot.
  • Get started right away.
  • Don't be shy.
  • Be friendly to their family.
  • Ask them lots and lots of questions.
  • Tell them about yourself.
  • Give them a hug 3rd or 4th time seeing them, no matter who else does.


  • Don't be too perky/creepy right when you meet them.

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