How to Install the Homebrew Browser

Three Parts:Downloading the Homebrew BrowserTransferring the Homebrew Browser FilesInstalling the Homebrew Browser

The Homebrew browser is an application you must first download to your computer before installing and using it on your Nintendo Wii. The browser will allow you to search for and download Homebrew applications and utilities directly through your Wii's Homebrew channel. The Homebrew channel should already be installed on your Wii when you begin installing the browser. For details on installing the Homebrew channel see Install Homebrew on Wii Menu 4.3. Although downloading and installing the browser initially requires a computer, once you’ve installed the browser correctly you’ll be able to access, download, and install everything Homebrew using only your Wii.

Part 1
Downloading the Homebrew Browser

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    Find the latest version of the browser. CodeMii ( is a reliable source of the most recent version of various Homebrew files, including the Homebrew browser. Search the site for the "homebrew browser" to access the most up-to-date link.[1]
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    Download the browser. Click the link to download the files onto your computer. The download will come as a “.zip” file and will need to be “unzipped” in order to access and install.
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    Access the browser files. Depending on your operating system and specific settings, your computer may automatically unzip upon download. If so the .zip file will be expanded into a series of folders containing the browser files. If not, you’ll need to unzip using a separate application.
    • On a Mac, Unarchiver is a free, well-reviewed option for unzipping.[2]
    • On a PC, choose from free software options like 7-zip or IZArc.[3]

Part 2
Transferring the Homebrew Browser Files

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    Choose a storage device. The Wii has slots for either a USB device or an SD card - you will need one or the other for this installation. The storage device will also be used to store your soon-to-be-downloaded Homebrew applications and utilities, so consider buying or designating a specific storage device for this purpose.
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    Prepare your storage device. Ensure first that there is space available to write on the device and that it is formatted correctly to receive new files. To learn more about formatting your storage device go to Format an SD Card or to Format a Flash Drive. This storage device will be used to store all your Homebrew related files - that includes the browser files themselves and any future downloads you access via the Homebrew browser.
    • For SD cards, ensure that the write-lock switch is off.
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    Create a new folder called “apps”. This folder must be created in the root directory of your storage device and have this exact name. Naming it like this allows the Homebrew channel on your Wii to know exactly where to look for the Homebrew browser (as well as other) files.
    • The “apps” folder must named in all lowercase characters.
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    Move the “homebrew_browser” folder to your storage device. The browser files that you’ve downloaded and unzipped will be in at least 2 separate subfolders. One folder will be the browser files (“homebrew_browser”) and the other will be Help materials. Drag the “homebrew_browser” folder into your storage device’s “apps” folder.[4]
    • The other files from the Homebrew browser download do not need to be moved to your storage device in order for the browser to work.
    • It may be worth reading through the Help materials in the Homebrew browser download at your convenience, to gain a more thorough understanding of the software you will be using but it is not required.
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    Insert the storage device into your Wii. Once the browser files are on the storage device, it’s time to eject it from your computer and insert it into your Wii.

Part 3
Installing the Homebrew Browser

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    Ensure an internet connection. Your Wii must be connected to the internet in order to properly install the browser. Run a connectivity test before proceeding if you are unsure.
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    Open the Homebrew channel. You should immediately see the Homebrew browser. Click on it and follow the instructions to begin the installation.
    • If you don’t see the Homebrew browser, double check your storage device’s “apps” folder is named correctly and is in the root directory of the device.
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    Load the Homebrew browser. The first time you click on the browser application, your Wii will mount the storage device and run some lines of code. This is a part of the browser installation process - let it run. Your Wii will also automatically check for updates to the browser software this and each time going forward so that you will always have the latest version.
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    Begin browsing. You can now begin downloading content - just find the app or utility you’d like to download, ensure that you’re connected to the internet and that your storage device has space left, then click the download button.

Things You'll Need

  • SD card or USB storage device (4GB or more recommended).
  • A Nintendo Wii with the Homebrew channel installed.
  • A computer that can download and unzip the browser files and can write the files to your storage device.


  • Installing the Homebrew Channel on your Wii will void your official Nintendo warranty.

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