How to Install Roller Blinds

Fitting and installing roller blinds is simple and won't take you long! Just follow the steps below, and your blinds will be up and rolling in no time.


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    Gather your materials.You'll need white wall plugs and 8-gauge 1-inch Phillips head screws. You'll also need a drill bit, but which kind of bit depends on your materials. If you're drilling into concrete, brick or plaster you should use a 5.0 mm diameter masonry drill bit. If you're drilling into wood or steel you should use a 3mm diameter high speed steel drill bit.
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    Decide where you want your blinds to be positioned. Mark out your drill holes, using the brackets provided as templates for the holes. Ensure that the brackets are perfectly level so that the blind rolls up and down straight. Do this by using a level when measuring and marking for your holes.
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    Attach the brackets. Drill your holes into the wall, and then screw the brackets into place. Double check that they're in the right spot before you put them in place.
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    Clip the blind into place. Slide the end on the opposite side of the chain into the brackets first, and then slip in the chain side. Make sure the blind is firmly attached to the wall so that it won't come crashing down when you pull on the chain to roll or unroll it. Give it a few test rolls to make sure it works as expected.
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    Secure the chain. By law, the looped chain must be attached to the wall by the chain tensioner provided. Make sure you firmly attach this chain to the wall to keep it in place.
    • You can also attach chain stoppers to the chain to mark the blind's up and down positions. These are small balls that will prevent you from rolling the blind past these spots.


  • If you're drilling into tiles then cover your drilling point with masking tape. This will prevent the drill from slipping.

Things You'll Need

  • Power drill
  • Drill bit
  • Phillips Screwdriver (The one with the crossed head)
  • Flat head Screwdriver
  • Box of Screws
  • A pencil

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