How to Install Pedestal Pavers

The Pedestal Paver System can be used to help create usable space on roof decks, wood decks, promenades, fountains, mechanical walkways, and other areas. Pedestal system elevates, levels and uniformly spaces paver stones and protects the substrates in such waterproofed installations as roof decks and promenades, terraces, balconies, patios, podiums, plazas, arenas and roof gardens. Tile Tech Pedestal Paver system is also ideal for energy efficient roofs, or Green Roofs.


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    The installation crews normally work in four man teams. One keeps the pavers supplied to the installation site. One runs the chop saw and does the entire PVC cutting. PVC is usually cut for each new row as needed. You count how many intersections will need pedestals, measure in a couple of locations to get the height right and call out to the cutter how many at what length are needed. Two paver installers are setting and leveling.
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    A typical installation would start off with a threshold of a door, or control point provided by the architect or contractor.
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    The first height of the pedestal is then determined. A standard chop saw (with fine tooth blade (12”) compatible with plastic) can cut the PVC pipe to the desired height. An installer then cuts the PVC pipe to the required height, less 1/4” for top and bottom cap insets. Example, a 2” high pedestal needs to have a piece of PVC cut 1-3/4”.
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    The “press fit” connection of the top and bottom cap to the PVC pipe requires no gluing or other attachments. Both the wedge top shims and round bottom shims can be used for “fine tuning” proper height if required. All top shims and bottom shims lock into place, and all six pieces (if used) interlock, allowing no paver movement and a level surface. The caps can be easily removed during installation if desired.
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    Each top shim is designed to snap in to the top cap. Each bottom shim snaps into the bottom cap, they can stack to provide additional height.
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    Bottom shims are scored and can be broken in half using the one-half as a shim under the low side on a severely sloped roof system. You are only building up the low side with this application.
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    In a triangle or non-90 degree corner you can use a bottom cap in place of the top cap. You are getting the same elevation (1/8”) but do not have to fool with the tabs on the top cap. Two bottom caps work well if you need to support the center of a large paver. It gives you a flat top in this application.
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    The weight of the concrete paver will keep the system in place.


  • The round bottom shims have a unique “V” groove, which allows them to be scored & broken in half with a utility knife and stacked on the bottom for those areas that are sloped more than 2%. They lock to each other and to the bottom cap to impede movement of the pedestal.
  • The top cap can be used by itself in areas where the required height is less than one inch. The top cap is 1/2” in height, if required a 1/16” or 1/8” bottom shim locks into the bottom of the top cap. In applications where 1” in height is required, the top and bottom cap can be used with PVC and 1/8” and 1/16” bottom shims.
  • The 4” PVC used in the pedestal system is 3034. It is an off-the-shelf product,standard in North America with the outside dimension of 4.215” which matches the inside diameter of the pedestal top and bottom cap.
  • The Pedestal Paver System is designed for concrete pavers to lay level over a built up roof. The substrate can be either concrete or wood structure, with a roof membrane over the top.
  • The PVC pipe allows the pedestal system to vary in heights up to 20+inches. The standard 1/8” spacer on the top cap allows for an open joint and proper alignment of the pavers.


  • Pedestal Paver system is not recommended for vehicular traffic.

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