How to Install and Store Climbing Skins

Sick and tired of waiting in lift lines at resorts? Of all the fresh powder getting skied off in the blink of an eye? Using climbing skins with AT bindings is your ticket to the backcountry, where there are no lines and the fresh snow is untouched. In this article, you will learn how to properly install and store your climbing skins.


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    Once you have purchased your basic AT gear set up (skis, AT bindings, and climbing skins) the first step is to cut the skins to size.
    • To cut the skins to size, place the wire loop over the tip of the ski, tightly pull the skins down along the ski, making sure the adhesive attaches to the base smoothly.
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      Run the included razor down the skins, cutting them to the contour of your ski's edge.
    • Repeat on the other ski. Remember, some skis have different shapes from right to left, so make sure to mark your skis accordingly so they match up perfectly every time you put them on.
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    Understand the installation process. Each time you put the skins on, put the wire over the tip and pull the skins down tightly, ensuring that the skins are sitting flat on the ski, the final step is to clamp the end of the skin down on to the tail of the ski.
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    To store your skins, peel the adhesive off of your ski's base.
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    Fold your skins into thirds, keeping the adhesive side inward.
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    Roll them up and store them both together in the neoprene bag.


  • Each time you complete this process, it is critical that you accurately align the skins.
  • If you don’t have the chance to store them perfectly when you are on the top of the mountain, it's okay. Do your best, and when you get home repack them.
  • Practice makes perfect. It can be hard to get the adhesive to sit perfectly on your skins, especially in the cold and blowing wind up on the slopes. Practice at home a few times first.
  • Bring proper back country gear and safety equipment.
  • Its often a good idea to take some duct tape just in case your skins aren’t fully sticking and need some help.


  • Do not store you skins in hot temperatures, it can ruin the adhesive and melt them together.

Things You'll Need

  • Skis
  • AT bindings
  • Climbing skins (Black Diamond used in this wikiHow)

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