How to Install an EPDM Rubber Roof on a Shed

This article provides you with a Step by Step guide on how to install an EPDM rubber roof to a shed.


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    Prepare your shed roof. If you have received the EPDM Membrane as part a new building, skip this step. If, however, you are looking to replace an existing roof covering, first carefully remove the timber fascia’s previously used to secure the edge of the old roof covering (you can re-use these if they are in a good enough condition, unless you plan to fit new timber). Now, remove the old felt, any old nails and sharps and repair any rotten roof timbers. Now see stage 2 below.
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    Relax the EPDM rubber membrane. Unpack your roof membrane and carefully position it over the roof deck, allowing it to hang over the roof on all sides. Give the membrane a good 30 minutes to relax before using.
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    Fold or rollback the membrane. Tightly roll or fold back one half of the rubber membrane to expose the roof deck. If the membrane moves out of position, secure it to the roof deck using gaffer tape. Now apply the water based deck adhesive to the roof deck using a paint roller (an old one will do!) Apply the adhesive in small stages working from the ridge to the bottom edges. It is important that the adhesive is wet when the EPDM Membrane is rolled back into position.
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    Secure the edges. You can do so by using one of the following options:
    • Secure the edges of the EPDM membrane using Clout Nails
    • Clamp the rubber membrane around the edge of the roof using treated timber battens.
    • Secure the edges of the membrane with a purpose made Shed Edge Roof Trim, using the screws provided. If you choose to use Shed Edge Roof Trim, first install a timber batten on the underside of the roof deck prior to installing the rubber membrane. This will give you something solid to screw into when you fit the edge trims.

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