How to Inspire Students

Inspiring students is one of the hardest jobs that is out there. Teachers go in every day teaching the same thing to different kids each year, and most of the time aren't interested. But here are a few tips to help you along.


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    Know your audience. How old are the people you are trying to inspire? Find out what that age group is into. If they are young teenage girls, chances are they love Justin Bieber and shopping.
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    Find out who their hero is and secretly incorporate it into the topic you want to inspire them on.
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    Show them that their dreams are attainable. If they have no hope then they won't have any inspiration. If they don't have any inspiration then they will not find a dream or goal they want to achieve. If they don't have that, then what is the point in trying?
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    Help them. These days, students have become lazy, and disheartened. If you do not make yourself available then they will not come to you for help. Example: If you want your students to become writers, actors or plumbers, you have to make it easy for them to become what they want. Give them a list of websites, show them success stories of the career, outlines on how to make the first steps towards their dreams.


  • Make it fun. If your class isn't somewhere that the students laugh and enjoy the subject, then they aren't going to be inspired.
  • Don't give up. It may get hard at times but the reward is great, and to know that you helped those kids achieve their dreams will make you all the happier.
  • Find the popular person in the class. If you can make them think your class is fun and inspiring, chances are the rest of them will follow and pay attention to what you say.


  • Make sure that as well as trying to be on the same level as your students, you make sure that the respect is still there. (no point in inspiring your students if they don't put it into their work.)
  • If they don't seem to be paying attention, don't lose faith. A handful of them are, and whatever message you are trying to get across, they are the ones that matter.
  • Don't try too hard. Teenagers are like animals, if they smell fear or desperation they will attack.
  • Also, don't be naive, no matter how hard you try you will not inspire all your students.
  • Do not try to be cool. You will end up being mocked and no one will respect you.

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