How to Initiate Recycling in the Community

Recycling has become an essential effort in order to keep our Earth in tact. Take the time to figure out how to initiate recycling in the community so your neighborhood can become part of the initiative to keep our world healthy. You can't do it on your own, so enlist help from those around you.


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    Set-up a drop off.
    • The easier you make the recycling effort in your community, the more likely people are to participate. Identify a central location within your community that would have easy access to the most people. Provide collection bins that are clearly marked and accessible.
    • Be sure that the bins in the drop off area are emptied often. If community members get to the collection site only to find full receptacles, they may not be inclined to return.
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    Hold a promotional event.
    • Invite the community out for a cookout or a free concert to kick-off the start of the recycling initiative. Only admission into the event? A recyclable. A fun event is a great way to get the community interested and excited about something new. Even skeptical residents like to have a good time so by reeling them in with a social event, you may be able to convince them to participate as well.
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    Get the word out.
    • Enlist the help of your family, friends, neighbors and local business owners to spread the word about the community recycling program. Fliers don't support a recycling effort, so word of mouth is the best way to inform the community. Social networking web sites are another form of communication that would be environmentally friendly as well as have a far outreach.
    • Place representatives at the collection site to provide information to passersby as well as answer any questions they may have. These people may be more likely to contribute if they know how the process will work.
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    Be armed with facts.
    • People are motivated by problems -- especially ones related to the community in which they live. If you inform them that your community produces x-number of tons of trash in a given year and the impact that has on their environment, you'll be able to get their attention. Tell them where all of that trash goes and what would change if the community recycling efforts were to pay off.
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    Provide incentive.
    • Break the community down into neighborhoods and challenge the groups to compete in their recycling collections. Count aluminum cans or maybe newspapers that are turned in to crown the "greenest" neighborhood around. The incentive could be as simple as bragging rights. People's competitiveness typically comes out in any contest, regardless of the actual prize.

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