How to Infuse Herbs

Herbs have many uses..Whether it's for headaches, nausea or for the benefits, herbal tea may not do..What you need is herbal infusions.Herbal infusions are like tea, but they are much stronger and contain the volatile oils of the plant, which can be used more easily.


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    Pick your herb. Nettle, comfrey, oatstraw and red clover are all popular infusions to drink. However, many other herbs can be drank and can serve certain benefits.Research on the benefits you would like, and find some herbs that you can use.
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    Gather some leaves, flowers or roots, depending on your plant. Get enough to fill at least a quarter of a mason jar.However, you could fill the jar if you want.Dried herbs are better, although fresh is also fine.
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    Fill the jar with boiling or hot water. Using too much water can cause your infusion to be too diluted, or not get enough oils.Try to get all the herbs wet, without using too much water.
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    Allow it to steep. Roots and bark need an 8 hours minimum. Flowers need 2 hours, leaves need 4 hours, and seeds and berries need 30 minutes. You can however leave it to steep for longer if you would like a stronger solution.
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    Store for 3 days maximum in the refrigerator. Leftovers can be used to water plants or as a nourishing hair rinse.


  • Make sure the plant you will be using isn't toxic, and get it properly identified.Do not use the wrong parts of the plant : red clovers leaves shouldn't be used for red clover infusions, as they offer barely any flavor or benefits..

Things You'll Need

  • Mason jar, or another secured jar or container
  • Boiling water
  • Leaves,flowers,roots or other parts of plants (Fresh or dried)

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