How to Infiltrate an Area

Some people enjoy the thrill of being somewhere that they're not supposed to be. Not for any bad purposes, but for the fact that you are in an area with other people who have no idea that you're there. For some its an absolute rush.


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    When planning an infiltration, it is important to know the area you will be "working" in. If you are planning a nighttime excursion, try scoping the area out during the day. This will provide valuable information on escape routes and access points.
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    Don't be ridiculous and infiltrate an area that is either against the law to infiltrate or will get you into serious trouble if you are caught. Know how dangerous it is. It would be stupid to sneak into a bank or someone else's home.
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    Know the likelihood of being caught in your area. You're more likely to get caught inside someone's home than inside a construction zone or something of the sort. Make smart choices.
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    Always wear clothing that is suitable to your particular environment. If at night, black is not best as it can define your human shape more clearly. Try dark navy blue or dark green. Also, an army beanie hat can break up the outline of your head.
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    If there are people in the target area, know their whereabouts at all times! While moving around, wait for the person to turn their back, or throw something to make a sound which will draw they're attention away from your vicinity.
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    Have some good footwear. Footwear is also key. Soft rubber soles are best for grass, dirt and concrete. If you happen upon some gravel, don't be afraid to take your shoes off, as this will better cushion your footfalls.
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    If you want, bring a friend. In the military this is known as a battle buddy and they can provide support if needed. Be careful of who you choose though. Pick someone trustworthy and stealthy.
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    If you are spotted, don't panic, this will only inhibit your thought process and you could make some bad choices. Forget all aspects of being stealthy, just flat out haul ass. Find a safe hiding spot and be completely still. But be aware running is not always the right choice, like if it's from a security guard or police officer.
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    If you are caught, just accept the fact and turn in. Like if you're caught inside a building: It would be relatively stupid to run as it is easy to be spotted and heard. You'll get into even more trouble if you run, so it's not always the best or only choice. Lying isn't the best way to go either, so don't make a hasty excuse.
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    Find some good Hiding spots: Roofs are very valuable, as no one will think to look up. Tall grass or foliage, most of the time, people won't bother tramping through waist high grass. Trees, for obvious reasons. Never hide in someone's yard unless it's an absolute necessity.
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    Learn how to move fluidly. Basic parkour and free running skills are essential. I would suggest learning all the vaults, wall kicks, muscle ups and hangs.
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    Don't ever bring a weapon unless it's necessary and is just an airsoft gun or small knife. Concealed weapons will get you in even worse trouble if you're caught. And never use the weapon on a human being: This is a crime and will get you arrested.
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    If climbing is necessary in order to reach your objective, wear weight-lifter's gloves. They have padding on the palms which will protect your hands. Wear shoes with just one piece of rubber on the bottoms. Try to avoid shoes with designs cut into the rubber on the bottom.
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    If infiltrating during the day, use proper camouflage. If in a forest setting, wear greens and browns. If in an urban setting, wear clothes that don't stand out.
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    When inside of a building, constantly be alert. Know when to move and when not to. If you've played "Call of Duty 4" think of the Chernobyl level, all hilled up.
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    Follow the law. Don't hurt someone, rob someplace or trespass on the property of others. Of course sneaking around isn't exactly pro-law, but be sane and use common sense.


  • Sneak now, brag later.
  • Control your breathing, long deep breaths work best.
  • Practice makes perfect, try sneaking around your house at two in the morning.
  • Leave all your jingles and baubles at home, get all the cracks and grumblies out of your body as well. Crack your knuckles and rotate your ankles.
  • Don't do anything you'll regret later on, i.e., burglary, vandalism, etc.
  • If you're caught don't panic! Accept that it's over.


  • You can't infiltrate all areas. Don't try to sneak into a place that you know will only end in you being caught, shot or even arrested.
  • Refrain from illegal activities. This includes burglary, vandalism, injuring a human being, etc.

Things You'll Need

  • Dark clothing, not black.
  • Small knife or airsoft gun.
  • Sharp wits.
  • Climbing gloves
  • Knowledge of human behavior.
  • Binoculars

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