How to Indy on a Skateboard

This is an awesome skateboard trick whether on a ramp, flat ground or vert. The trick is when you ollie but grab the middle of the board with your back hand.


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    Do an ollie but crouch down a little before ollieing.
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    Pop the tail down for a ollie. Immediately reach down for the middle of the toe side of your board with your rear hand. As you are making this grab, you will want to collapse your body as if you're doing a squat. This squat will bring the board closer to your hand.
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    Grab onto the board, holding it for a bit. Move your front hand out to counterbalance.
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    Keep your eyes on the landing. Once about to land, release the grab.
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    Land and roll away.


  • You don't have to ollie high for this; it's all about timing.
  • Bend down low and touch the ground before ollieing.
  • You don't really reach down to grab the board, you just bend down and the board goes up to your hand.
  • Remember to reach down for the board as soon as you hear the pop.
  • Some people prefer to do it off kicker ramps first.


  • All tricks are dangerous and you should have on proper safety gear; helmet is best but wear pads too.
  • You may fall.
  • You may step on your hand.
  • Grabbing wrong will cause you to jam your fingers.
  • You may run over your hand if it slips.
  • You could land on your hand of not landing right.

Things You'll Need

  • Skateboard
  • Helmet
  • Pads
  • Kicker, if you want to start out with that

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