How to Increase Your Social Status at School

If you ever went through a year when you were out in the blue and people didn't think much of you, this will help you to make a comeback and let everyone know you're here to make an impression.


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    Examine the meaning of "social status" - why should you try to be like everyone else? Just be yourself and don't listen to what other people think you should be.
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    Examine yourself. What do you like about yourself? Emphasize those traits, skills, and talents that make you uniquely who you are and not like everyone else.
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    Be friendly. Start out with a casual smile or a half-hearted wave. Don't stumble to blurt out a "Hey!" to someone who you barely know. It takes time. They will warm up if you start out small, but you can't just stay quiet and shy. It intimidates people, believe it or not.
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    Give yourself some time and don't be someone you aren't.
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    Make yourself feel beautiful! Call yourself sweet names and compliment yourself when you feel lousy. List all of your best qualities and then look in the mirror and tell yourself, "I can do this, I know there is someone out there who thinks I am gorgeous and then there are others who want to be me. I'll make them proud".
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    Walk with confidence, knowing that you're a strong person and that no matter what anyone thinks, you are confident.
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    Try being something different. Instead of trying to fit in with the popular crowd, real leaders are genuine individuals. When people see that you are your own person, they will want to be surrounded by you because you exude self-confidence. Who cares about social status. Be yourself.


  • Be happy! Always smile and at least look happy with who you are.
  • Avoid getting upset over rude comments and critical looks.
  • Be healthy and clean; Bathe, brush, and bed-rest are the three B's of beauty. White teeth and shiny hair is always a plus. It gives you natural beauty that lip gloss and mascara could never give.
  • Don't gossip. That will make you lose friends.


  • Don't buy into "social status" at school. People who are popular in school may end up getting into trouble or may live a different life than you would like to live. Be an individual, do your own thing, and live an interesting and worthwhile life. Be yourself and only try to increase your social status if you can do so responsibly!

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