How to Increase Your Sales on Luulla

If you are a seller on Luulla, you will know that their community team actively promotes your items. The question is, what can you do on your part to convert the shoppers into buyers. Here is a tutorial to increase your sales on Luulla.


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    Take good product photos. Amazing product photos will bring more traffic and increase your sales. Products with bright, sharp and crisp photos will generally be more attractive and sell well. Avoid photos that are blur or with dark background.
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    Set a good product title and description. The title should be brief but descriptive and contains important keywords that describe your item. The best practice is to have a title with no longer than 6 words and relevant to your item. The first 2-3 sentences of your product description are very important to capture the buyer's interest and to rank high in the web search. The best practice is to describe exactly what your potential buyer will be receiving in the first few lines of the description. Details such as measurement, colors, material and sizes should come later after your brief description.
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    Upload new products. The importance of uploading new products and promoting them can't be stressed enough. The more products you have in your store and the more you promote, chances of click through rate to your store is higher.
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    Set up international shipment. You may want to consider shipping internationally because Luulla is a worldwide marketplace visited by buyers from around the world. If you choose not to ship worldwide, you will be missing out 50% of your sales!
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    Promote your store. There are hundreds of thousands of items listed on Luulla and you need to get your product out there by promoting on social media sites such as Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Blog, etc. Remember, the more you promote the more people will see your product. Luulla has made it so easy to promote your product and all you have to do is click on the social media buttons on the site to share.

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