How to Increase Your Popularity on wikiHow

To achieve the best experience on wikiHow, meeting other users is essential. If you would like to be popular amongst the community, read on.


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    If you have not already, sign up to wikiHow and create an account. This is important so other users can contact you.
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    Write articles. Just go to the Write an Article Page and get started. If you are lost for ideas, visit the Answer a Request page to write an article that someone else would like to read.
    • Improve your writing skills - try to replace colloquial or 'slang' language with a more formal writing style, but keep it interesting. Wherever possible, try to support your steps with evidence, but make sure you reference where you got the information from.
    • Spread the word of your new article. Place a link to it on your user page. Add the link to the "Related wikiHows" section of other articles of a similar topic, and place a link to those articles on yours in return.
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    Patrol Recent changes. By patrolling recent changes you get to determine which editors were helpful and which contributors frequently vandalize articles.
    • Praise those who are continuously improving articles with good edits and writing quality new articles, form friendships with them.
    • Try to patrol daily, as your name will appear in the Recent Changes sidebar, and others will grow familiar with your username and most likely place a "thank you for patrolling" message on your talk page. Remember, quality over quantity.
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    Always reply to a talk page message. If someone has gone to the trouble of writing a kind message, it's only polite to return their message, saying that you are grateful to such a kind person for their recognition of your efforts.
    • Be friendly when posting on other user's talk pages, even if that person hasn't edited so well. Do not blow bad users off, instead offer them some advice on how to edit more productively. If, eventually, they fail to change their ways, inform an administrator.
    • Come up with a little signature that you always write at the end of a message. People will become familiar with you this way because whenever they see your signature on the bottom of a message, it's more likely that they'll remember it more than the user name of the sender.
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    Join projects or teams, such as the Welcome Team. Here you can really help others and spread some kindness to new users or others who share similar interests to you.
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    Don't change your profile image all the time. Users get used to how you look and recognising your picture. Change it constantly and it is not as memorable to the community.
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    Participate in as many areas of wikiHow as you find fun. Check out forums, all the tools and don't necessarily focus on creating new articles.
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    Keep the changes to your user page to a minimum. Making fancy borders, adding cool images and including endless 'boxes' professing your love for this or hatred of that isn't the way to become popular. You'll get well known and popular making good edits, not copying and pasting that "Cna yuo raed tihs..." thing into your user page.


  • Don't try too hard to be popular in wikiHow. This is a how to site, not a popularity contest.

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