How to Increase Warehouse Ladder Visibility

While warehouse ladders tend to be large devices, there is still some opportunity for the ladders to be overlooked by forklift drivers and others engaged in moving goods from one area to another, or for people to walk into the ladders while focusing on some other task. In order to minimize the chance of an accident involving a ladder, taking a few steps to increase warehouse ladder visibility is important to the safety procedures enforced within the work and storage areas. Most of these strategies will help the ladder to stand out, decreasing the possibility of not being aware of the ladder until it is too late.


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    Identify what types of strategies to enhance ladder visibility are in compliance with local safety codes and regulations. Strategies that are perfectly acceptable in some jurisdictions may be forbidden in others. Checking the codes first will narrow the list of potential actions to those that are firmly within the code and prevent accidentally using an approach that could cause difficulty at a later date.
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    Paint the ladder a bright color. Many warehouse ladders are metal devices that are left unpainted or painted a neutral color. In order to increase the ladder visibility, use a brightly colored acrylic paint that easily stands out from the more neutral tones in the rest of the warehouse. Colors such as a bright yellow or red are often excellent choices.
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    Accent the paint job with neon tape. In order to increase ladder visibility, make use of neon tapes in a color other than the paint job. For example, a combination of a yellow paint job accented with neon orange or green tape will definitely make the ladder stand out to anyone who enters the space. Strips of tape may be applied vertically along the stiles or stringers, or used to wrap a few of the ladder rungs.
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    Add a bell. While not strictly a visual cue that the ladder is nearby, the addition of a simple bell that generates some type of noise when the ladder is moved will alert others of its position. Attaching a simple cowbell to one of the stringers will often be sufficient to generate a clang that will catch the attention of anyone in the immediate area.
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    Add some reflectors to the body of the ladder. Reflectors help to catch the light from overhead lighting, natural sunlight and even headlights on forklifts, making it easier to see the ladders. On a simple rigid ladder that does not retract, space a series of reflectors on each of the stringers or stiles of the device to increase the visibility. Even retractable ladders can be adorned with a few reflectors at strategic points along the stringers to minimize the chances of the ladder going unnoticed.


  • Going with an acrylic paint rather than some type of flat paint also helps to increase the warehouse ladder visibility, thanks to the slight sheen that will reflect in any available light in the warehouse.
  • When attaching neon tape to ladder rungs, make sure the wrap is complete and that the tape does not make the rungs slippery. There are brands of ribbed neon tape that would actually help to improve the grip on the rungs, making the addition an excellent safety measure in more than one way.

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