wikiHow to Increase the Eroticisim in Your Life

The natural high, the fluidity, the pleasure in pain, the release of endorphins, the warmth of human contact. Eroticism is all about giving your partner the best you can and receiving the best in return. It requires patience, requires you to understand every corner of your partner's body, their motions, their needs. It requires you to be gentle and go slow when necessary. Let's discuss some techniques to make sex feel more erotic.


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    Explore your partner's body. Though this applies to both sexes, a woman's body often takes more time to get warmed up. Keep in mind that less expected places can produce erotic sensations for some people; try paying attention to earlobes, neck, shoulder blades, thighs, etc. Discover what your partner enjoys. Everyone is different.
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    Use food for playfulness. For instance, licking chocolate off her lips and skin can be a turn-on for both of you.
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    Try a wet body to expand the appeal. In the shower or bathtub, massage your partner's wet body with soap or oil. A hot shower together can relax the body and can act as a catalyst to orgasm, or can simply provide an erotic bonding experience.
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    Use music to build ambiance. Use gentle tunes that have a sense of flow and appeal to both partners. You can make a playlist of songs that will set the mood and keep the ambiance uninterrupted.
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    Experiment with light biting or pinching. This is a turn-on for some people.
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    Let the woman take charge. Sex can sometimes be disappointing for women, because men often reach orgasm more quickly. During foreplay ask her to direct you, and let her explore your body at whatever pace she'd like. The closer she gets to an orgasm in this stage, the better the chance for a satisfying sexual experience.
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    Don't talk - just do it. There have been and there are going to be moments when you can discuss things while in a relationship. However, chatting about other matters during and just before sex detracts from your ability to be in the here-and-now. Though conversation is a big part of bonding with a romantic partner, it can be distracting and break the flow when leading up to sex.
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    Turn the mind off. Relax, be silent, feel the presence of your partner. This is the moment to get lost, become one with the person you love, and feel all the sensations of the present moment. Your thoughts of the past or future can wait until later.
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    Become a pleasure philanthropist. Physically convey to your partner every bit of emotion that you have to offer. Try to make them feel loved. Give them all the pleasure you can, and it will return tenfold.
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    Take it very slow. Caress and get to know your partner's body. Appreciate feeling so close to another human being, another conscious soul. Slow down to enjoy it completely, recognizing that there's nowhere else you need to be in this moment.

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