How to Increase Sperm Count Naturally

Low sperm count can affect your ability to conceive, and is often caused by factors such as poor nutrition, lack of exercise, obesity, lack of sleep, and daily exposure to toxic chemicals. If you’re being affected by low sperm count, consider making a series of healthy lifestyle changes to increase your sperm count naturally.


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    Improve your nutrition by eating healthy, whole foods. Whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and sources of lean protein contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients your body needs to function optimally. More specifically, studies have found that healthy fats, oysters, and foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin B12, and folate are most effective at increasing sperm count naturally.[1]
    • Avoid consuming processed foods and foods that contain artificial additives, including preservatives. These types of foods lack the nutrients your body needs to produce high, healthy sperm count.
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    Drink more water throughout the day. Sperm and semen are mostly comprised of water, which means lack of water can lead to dehydration and lower sperm count. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water per day or more if you exercise, and swap out sodas, coffee, and sugary fruit juices for water.
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    Reduce your exposure to everyday chemicals. Man-made chemicals such as pesticides, plastics, and artificial additives in food can cause your body to produce more estrogen and throw your hormones off balance -- resulting in low sperm count. Avoid using plasticware for food storage, stop drinking chlorinated tap water, stop consuming animal products that contain hormones, and stop using synthetic deodorants and toiletries.
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    Exercise on a regular basis. Evidence has shown that exercise helps increase sperm count naturally by reducing stress and anxiety, and by increasing blood flow. Exercise also helps regulate hormones and allows you to maintain an ideal body weight. Aim for at least 45 minutes of exercise five days per week, or consult with a professional fitness trainer who can recommend the best routine based on your current fitness level.
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    Stop exposing your testes to extremely high temperatures. Relaxing in a hot bath, wearing tight underwear, using a warm laptop, and sitting down for long periods of time can elevate the temperature of your testes and negatively affect sperm count.[2]
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    Start taking natural herb supplements that can help increase sperm count. Herbs such as Korean ginseng, nutmeg, ginkgo biloba extract, saw palmetto berry, and elk antler velvet contain natural properties that can boost sperm count.
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    Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight or obese can drastically lower sperm count, since excess body fat decreases testosterone levels. Plus, excess fat can lead to warmer temperatures near your groin and testes. Maintain a healthy body weight by exercising regularly, practicing good nutrition, and getting more sleep.
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    Sleep for about eight full hours every night. Sleep is your body’s time to repair itself, and leads to the further production of sperm. Start going to bed earlier, and make changes to your sleeping environment as needed to get quality sleep without interruptions. Wash your bed sheets often, replace your mattress, buy earplugs or blackout curtains, or listen to soothing music before bedtime to improve your chances for quality sleep.
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    Try to ejaculate at least twice per week. Ejaculation is a normal, healthy process for the male body, and helps promote high testosterone, high sperm production, and a healthy sex drive.[3]
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    Stop smoking as soon as possible. Smoking inhibits blood flow, and lowers the levels of a protein called protamine 2, which is vital for high sperm count. Stop smoking as soon as you can, and consult with your healthcare provider about smoking cessation programs if you need help quitting.[4]
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    Reduce stress more effectively. When you’re under physical or emotional stress, the stress hormone cortisol disrupts your natural hormonal balance and lowers the reproductive hormones responsible for managing sperm count. Stress can also have a negative impact on sex drive. Find new ways to manage or reduce stress more effectively, and eliminate stressors from your life, if possible. For example, find a new job you love, start exercising regularly, or spend more time with people who make you feel happy and positive.
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    Review the side effects of prescribed medications. Low sperm count is a common side effect of many over-the-counter medicines and prescription medications. Consult with your healthcare provider about natural, alternative treatments that won’t lower sperm count. For example, if you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, talk to your doctor about the possibility of exercising and eating healthier to improve your condition, versus taking medications that can inhibit sperm production.[5]


  • Consult with your healthcare provider prior to taking herbal supplements or making changes to your diet or fitness routine. Your healthcare provider can perform an overall health assessment to verify your lifestyle changes won’t interfere with any prescribed medications or existing health conditions.

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